A fresh update for Gran Turismo 7 is now available

A fresh update for Gran Turismo 7 is now available

Gran Turismo 7 Update 1.21 launches on September 1st, alongside with known bugs and issues

Gran Turismo 7 update 1.21 (PS5 version 1.21) was released by Polyphony Digital during today’s maintenance period. It delivers a minor list of adjustments to the racing game. With the recent release of Gran Turismo update 1.21 for PS4 and PS5, a number of bugs with the Missions and License Center have been resolved.

As soon as the server maintenance was finished, the new patch went live. With this latest patch, the developers have only concentrated on correcting two significant problems, so you shouldn’t anticipate any new cars or content.

What has been added to the patch notes for Gran Turismo 7?

  1. Missions

– A problem with the tire wear speed that made it challenging to complete “Bathurst Gr.3 Battle” in [Missions] > [The Sun Also Rises] has been fixed.

  1. License Centre

– A bug that prevented gaming from continuing after fast-forwarding to the next lap during playback of several of the license demonstration videos has been fixed.

Polyphony Digital has updated the game’s known bugs in addition to the latest patch.

List of known bugs and issues

Sport & Lobby

– The car will not move after stopping during Free Practices on the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya Rally Cross Layout with the handbrake and pausing the game with the “options” button on the controller.

By choosing “Exit” from the pause menu and accessing the track again, this problem can be resolved.


– The car’s muffler can vanish if the Intake & Exhaust category’s muffler is changed in Garage > Car Settings.

Reentering the Garage will solve the problem if it arises.


– There have been instances in the Lobby where “Preparing” is shown on the screen but the Host is unable to begin the race.

The race can begin by asking everyone in the room to leave and then come back in.

– In the lobby, there have been instances where driving on the track during practice prevented you from skipping right to the championship race.

During this instance, kindly attempt to exit and reenter the room.

For a 2-player split-screen race, Player 2’s assist settings are locked.

– There have been instances in the lobby where players who are in the same room do not show up on the member list or during the race.

When the host starts the race in this scenario, an application error will take place.

– There have been instances in the Lobby where winning a race prevented users from proceeding on.


– The app occasionally crashes while entering certain race events. There have been instances where it hangs on the startup loading screen.

Later this month, Gran Turismo 7 should receive a fresh content update with more cars and other improvements.


Gran Turismo 7 fans don’t appear to be satisfied with the car prices despite certain changes, which makes the grind for well-known and iconic cars quite time-consuming.

It’s unclear at this point whether the developers will further reduce the prices in next updates, although they might do so by improving the rewards for the races or including more missions and races.

Are you satisfied with the new Gran Turismo 7 update?

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