A Total War Saga: TROY Update 1.1.0 – Patch Notes September 9

A Total War Saga: TROY Update 1.1.0 – Patch Notes September 9

Today the developers of Creative assemblies released a new update for A Total War Saga: TROY. Below are the patch notes for this September 9th update.

The A Total War Saga: TROY update 1.1.0 can now be downloaded. The Steam Update has a data size of 7.7 GB.


A Total War Saga: TROY 1.1.0 Patch Notes

The 1.1.0 update is the first major update for A Total War Saga: TROY, and fixes a number of issues raised by the community. These include technical and gameplay related stabilizations, tweaks, improvements, and fixes to many areas of the game, such as:

  • Various adjustments to chariots, primarily resulting in greatly reduced melee defence
  • Fixes to bartering, including how the AI evaluates negative income (thus fixing the relevant exploit)
  • A tweak to Poison the Well to make it more balanced (but still effective)
  • Achilles’ start becoming easier due to adjustments to the Ellopian army
  • Centaurs and Centaur Elders are now able to be recruited from their respective buildings



  • Fixed a rare crash in the buildings popup
  • Fixed a rare crash when hovering over an available slot for construction in a settlement
  • Fixed a rare crash when the event panel opens
  • Fixed а rare crash when the event panel opens after starting a new turn
  • Fixed a crash in Odysseus’ 12th epic mission when he has more defensive alliances than military
  • Fixed an AI battle analyzer bug that sometimes made missile attacks crash in extreme unit sizes
  • Fixed a crash that could happen when recruitment is cancelled
  • Fixed a crash related to rebel armies in ambush stance
  • Fixed a crash that occurred while trying to build a resource building in the Meliboea region
  • Fixed a crash that occurred after declining an offer from the AI
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when changing general with an army full of units in the recruitment queue
  • Fixed a crash when trying to show the tooltip for trading resources
  • Fixed a crash on loading a save where the player’s faction is the last one standing
  • Fixed missing mappings in script interfaces related to effects (this also fixes a possible crash in mods that use them)


  • The Trojan Host Gathers and The Danaan Host Gathers dilemmas will no longer trigger if the player is at war with major factions of their own culture or if more than 40 turns have passed since the start of the campaign
  • Achilles now properly calms down from the Indignant mood, even when he has a priestess in the army
  • Achilles’ event message for becoming Indignant due to his favour tier being down now properly displays why he’s becoming Indignant
  • Achilles’ Grieving mood now correctly provides a 20% bonus to favour from rituals
  • The Shining City mission now awards Light Javelinmen to Agamemnon upon successful completion
  • A Thriving Settlement and The Shining City missions can now be completed by upgrading the main building in Mycenae
  • Aeneas is now correctly referred to as Priam’s first cousin once removed
  • A Trojan Horse event will no longer be triggered if the player chooses to not finance Odysseus’ Ruse after having financed it once already
  • Fixed an issue with Odysseus’ Ruse battle not being saved upon breaking the siege and the dilemma reappearing
  • Thirst for Conquest and Growing Influence early game missions now have an objective to control two and four provinces respectively for all factions
  • Epic missions no longer cause a script error when loading a save, thus preventing active missions from being completed
  • Updated mission text to correctly refer to a settlement main building


  • Fixed a bug in the diplomacy panel where the Balance of Power bar shows the player is dominant when they have no armies
  • Fixed a bug where AI evaluation of resources, proposed by a faction with negative income, jumped abruptly
  • Breaking gift agreements now properly lowers reliability, applies retroactively
  • Fixed barters contributing to strategic evaluation when their role in a negotiation is set to payment or gift
  • Fixed an issue in the treasury panel where if you had a barter agreement with five resources some icons would bleed out
  • Fixed an issue to prevent the AI from evaluating needlessly high barter agreements that the other side cannot fulfill (for example when they would result in bankruptcy)
  • Made the AI come to the player with offers that include sufficient payment so that the overall evaluation of the deal is close to 0
  • Reduced the confederation priority for all AI factions
  • Reduced AI confederation desirability bonus if the resulting confederation will be as strong as – or stronger – than the player
  • Strong AI factions are now more likely to confederate weaker ones instead of the other way around
  • There is no longer a discrepancy between the confederation penalty effect bundle cooldown and the actual restriction for confederation


  • Fixed а bug where confederating another faction would lead to corrupted faction forces statistics
  • Centaur Elders and Centaur Champions can now be recruited through their region-specific building
  • The Master Builders royal decree and communing with Deadalus through Stygian Voices will now only affect the construction time of administration buildings
  • Heroes’ aura now gives morale to units when the Cult of Athena is at level 3
  • Shielded Ranged Units now receive the buff for melee defence by the second tier of the Cult of Athena
  • Prayer to Poseidon now also grants battle speed to units wielding two-handed weapons
  • Corrected the effect’s description for growth requiring Cult of Hera influence at level 2 and it now accurately states that the required influence is 60%
  • Fixed a bug where the AI turn fast forward button was reset to default after the player enters battle
  • Fixed a soft lock after end turn when trying to show a dilemma after revealing the antagonist
  • Fixed an issue where vassal Heroes who were in the ambush state were not visible to their master faction and were not able to interact with the Hero (military ally armies in ambush will remain invisible)
  • Adjusted the Cinematic and Low campaign cameras to prevent the player from being able to see above the skybox
  • Fixed an issue with ammunition bonus from buildings
  • The spy action Murmurs of Sedition has been toned down to prevent it from completely crippling the enemy garrison
  • Fixed a bug where the recruitment animation in campaign stops playing
  • Fixed a bug where the spy action Poison the Well would fail more than intended after acquiring the Nightshade Brew skill
  • The number of actions large AI factions can take during their turns is no longer capped
  • Fixed a bug that caused constant notifications about the Antagonist
  • Now Sarpedon’s Veil of Nyx character skill specialisations properly lock each other
  • Fixed a bug where assigning a skill point to a character would sometimes assign it to the next character in the active Faction character list
  • The Bloodthirst (Battle) ability now correctly replaces the base Bloodthirst ability in the UI (while still providing both effects)
  • Army’s Shadow stance is no longer lost if Odysseus gets wounded


  • Fixed an issue where some of Hector’s units did not have their traits properly listed
  • Changed the position of the Overlay button label so it doesn’t overlap the header
  • An active Help Overlay button state was added in the Diplomacy panel, located in the header
  • Agent skills now do not spill out into the character details panel
  • Fixed an issue where a white rectangle appears on agents’ actions in the character details panel
  • Fixed the incorrectly sized faction list panel in Agamemnon’s The Lion’s Share faction mechanic screen
  • A note that Troy is immune to agent actions has been added to a tooltip in Troy’s nameplate and to a special advice text
  • Fixed the appearance of income bars under the nameplates of rebel-owned settlements that were getting cut off
  • The King of Troy trait now has proper colour coding
  • Updated tooltip to correctly describe cases of depletable resources
  • The help page button is now hidden in the victory conditions panel when viewed in the main menu as help pages can be only opened only in the campaign map or battle
  • Fixed an issue with the incorrectly set height of the Your Vassals list view panel
  • Updated epic agents’ skill information to point out that epic agents are removed after performing an action
  • Now references to Heroеs in the character skill tree properly display the icon of Heroes instead of agents
  • Fixed a tooltip to correctly refer to royal decrees
  • Fixed the size of the Quick Save icon to avoid stretching and blurriness
  • The effect bundle applied by Hera’s Divine Will track now has positive as opposed to neutral colour coding in the relevant dropdown menu
  • Added effect bundle icon for Passive Action in agent details showing full details of the passive action’s effects
  • Adjusted the unit bullet points of Dardania’s Faction roster to better represent their in-game qualities
  • The icon of the character trait Grieving should now be properly displayed
  • Right-clicking on the unit card of the Cyclops now leads to their dedicated help page


  • Difficulty options are now disabled when you select Tutorial mode from the initial questionnaire
  • Fixed a Tutorial menu freeze on Battle Realism mode
  • Counteroffer tooltip in Tutorial mode is no longer displayed if a faction ends an agreement with the player
  • Agamemnon can now cancel unit recruitment in the beginning of turn 2 if he’s still recruiting during Tutorial mode
  • Updated the Agamemnon ambush in Tutorial mode so it appears correctly
  • Army recruitment scripted tour should now stop when the unit exchange panel opens
  • Tutorial battles were disabled during end turn, preventing numerous issues
  • Tutorial battles buttons are disabled on the pre and post battle screen


  • Fixed an issue causing Lycian Winged Chariots to have incorrect range
  • Amazon Champions (a chariot unit) will no longer count as a Shielded unit
  • Phrygian Axemen and Trojan Spearmen now properly benefit from effects that reference Shielded units
  • Fixed an issue where the player’s entire army could be deployed inside Odysseus’ Ruse and the limit ignored
  • Troy’s garrison now start the Odysseus’ Ruse night battle very tired
  • Fixed an issue making Apollo’s Aim ability not usable when on a mount as by design
  • Outflanking should now not start until all units are ready to move forward
  • Skirmisher units now properly change their weapons while entering or leaving siege towers
  • Some inconsistencies between low tier and higher tier units were fixed
  • Hero now can be targeted again once their chariot is destroyed
  • Mounted AI Heroes can now be targeted in battles


  • Fixed render issue with shields and weapons during proximity fading when using MSAA
  • Fixed a visual bug where an intersection was occurring between the hand and a shield (when a defender kills a defender)
  • Visual bug with Hector’s arm clipping through his shield is now fixed
  • Fixed some issues with the Minotaur’s weapon during idle animations
  • Fixed some issues with the Cyclops’s weapon during idle animations
  • Fixed some visual bugs with floating objects
  • Fixed an issue with a glitch in the terrain near the shoreline in the outfield
  • Added a missing no-go zone to an Anatolian chokepoint map
  • Fixed an issue with reinforcements getting stuck inside a blocked-off portion of the map


  • Fort Towers’ tooltips now correctly reflect what’s in game
  • Fixed an issue with army group frame not tiling properly on 4K resolutions
  • Fixed the battle formations tooltip when there is a mounted Hero present
  • Hero Skills will no longer be hidden when a unit is in rage or berserk mode (they’ll be set to a disabled state and their tooltip will inform the player why they can’t be used)
  • Fixed a bug that showed the mini map during the end battle phase
  • Hector’s portrait in custom battles when he is mounted on a chariot is now fixed
  • Overlays are now dismissed after the end of a battle or replay
  • Fix an issue where a placeholder white rectangle was being displayed in battles for the third person manual camera controls instead of the proper icon
  • The mount cursor no longer appears once a general on a chariot dismounts


  • Mount options in custom battles is now localized in all languages
  • Fixed the first letter in the Rewards title getting cut off when playing in Turkish
  • Fixed missing VO for all additional characters on the map overview in all flybys (French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, Polish)


  • The Descendant of Zeus trait now gives 40 to a Hero’s melee damage instead of 4
  • The gold granted by Gift of Gold in The Pharaoh’s Gift dilemma has been reduced from 250 to 150
  • Now all playable factions have unique 20-unit garrisons of late-game units while occupying the city of Troy
  • Envoys recruitment cost effects have been toned down to prevent an exploit that meant players could recruit army units for free
  • The Lament Your Fate option in the A Destiny Ordained dilemma for Achilles now provides +70 favour to Zeus so it’s more appealing with the Divine Will thresholds
  • The Ellopian army, which provides the initial battle challenge for Achilles, has had its units decreased by four, making the early progress of this faction easier
  •  Poison the Well spy action is balanced to inflict modest but effective damage to both Heroes and army units


  • Fixed an issue where the AI units sometimes ignored the player’s Hero
  • Improved defending AI behaviour when the player has a lot of hidden units
  • AI will defend all walls more accurately when needed and properly match the player’s deployment
  • Fixed an issue where attacking cavalry and chariot units were staying idle outside the city gates
  • Fixed an issue where AI gate crushers sometimes do not enter the city after destroying the gate
  • Improved defending AI reaction to units moving near the victory point
  • Improved AI behavior when capturing the victory point on some maps
  • Harassment missile units now do not try to outflank units that are not in melee


  • Removed the Missile Resistance stat from all Heroes
  • Added the Siege Attacker trait to all Archer Hero types (Trickster and Skirmisher) in campaign 
  • Rebalanced weapon length of all weapons to reduce animation attacks missing their targets 
  • Slightly reduced charge speed of all chariots
  • Chariots now have less mass and will find it harder to completely pass through enemy lines
  • All chariot units have had their melee defence reduced by 15%, which will make them take more hits from melee units
  • All chariots now have their own ground type interaction group
  • All chariots will now have greatly reduced speed when trying to pass through a forest
  • All chariots will now have greatly reduced speed when trying to pass through mud
  • All chariots will now have reduced speed when passing through tall grass
  • All chariots will now have greatly reduced melee defence and attack when fighting in a forest
  • All chariots will now have greatly reduced melee defence and attack when fighting in mud
  • All chariots will now have reduced melee defence when fighting in tall grass
  • Chariots will now do extremely small damage to city gates
  • City gates now have increased health and require more time to be destroyed
  • Bonus versus Heroes stat has been increased by 10% for Archer Heroes
  • Bonus versus Heroes stat has been increased by 15% for Warlord and Fighter Heroes
  • Bonus versus Heroes stat has been increased by 20% for Defender Heroes
  • Harpies’ missile damage has been reduced by 23
  • Added +30% battle speed increase to the Strafe (Speed) specialisation
  • Reduced Shield Block Chance of Renowned Swordsmen from 75% to 65%


  • Added additional tier 1 and tier 2 minor settlement battle maps to custom battle


  • Fixed the poses and cameras of fighter type Heroes in the character information panel so they are no longer as obstructed by the larger shields
  • Now temple effects are organised in a consistent manner (all shared temple effects are displayed on top, while the differing temple effects are displayed on the bottom of the building UI)
  • Improved layout of Hero portraits in the Event Messages list
  • Certain low priority event messages have been disabled from opening automatically when received (they still appear in the feed) to reduce the amount of information triggered when beginning a new turn
  • Changed the Happiness icon to better match the rest of the iconography
  • Attitude to Faction/Relations icons have been updated to use the main Diplomacy icon (sword/scroll) for better consistency
  • Updated the Battering Ram icon to look more like, well, a battering ram
  • Updated places where the icon that represents the Siege action as a whole (e.g. the Continue Siege button) to use the general Siege icon instead of an icon that represents a particular siege machine
  • New mood icons for Helen, My Love mechanic that actually represent Helen
  • Updated Recruit button to use the latest ornamented button in the Recruitment panel
  • Update action buttons to use the latest ornamented button in the Settlement Captured panel
  • Polished 31 building icons to be more readable and visually consistent with the overall UI aesthetic
  • Updated layout of Hero mount options in custom battle
  • Changed the Hero and agent event icons in the Events dropdown from rectangular portraits to circular ones
  • Added a locked state for unavailable siege machines in the pre-battle screen
  • Kill counter no longer spills out of its unit card in the post-battle screen
  • Updated parchment texture to be brighter and match the rest of the parchment in the UI of the Antagonist
  • Updated the Gorgon porthole to be properly centered
  • The Supply Lines icon will now be shown in the Army panel when an army is selected as well as in the Hero panel. The tooltip has also been updated to include information on how many resources will be saved per turn if the army is disbanded. For armies controlled by faction leaders, an additional message will be shown to inform the player that those armies cannot be disbanded
  • The position of the Overlays panel has been moved to the left side of the screen to avoid overlap with the dropdown lists for events, factions, armies, etc., which are useful to look at while in Strategic Map View
  • A button has been added that allows the player to hide or show the Overlay panel with a single click
  • The Frontend News component in the main menu shows an error message if an error is encountered upon interacting with a news item
  • UI scaling will be set to 150% when a resolution above and including 1440p is used and 130% if it is ultra-wide

Written by: Carizma

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