A Total War Saga: TROY Update 1.2.0 – Patch Notes September 25

A Total War Saga: TROY Update 1.2.0 – Patch Notes September 25

Creative assemblies released a slightly bigger update for A Total War Saga: TROY today. We will have the official patch notes for this update on September 25th.

The A Total War Saga: TROY update 1.2.0 can now be downloaded. In the Epic Launcher, today’s update is listed as 7.36 GB, so you have to download a lot.


A Total War Saga: TROY 1.2.0 Patch Notes

The 1.2.0 update fixes a number of issues raised by the community. These include technical and gameplay related stabilizations, tweaks, improvements, rebalancing, and fixes to many areas of the game, such as:

  • Achilles’ start position has been further improved by adding two more units to his army and adjusting the Ellopian army
  • Death animations are now properly related to the direction the killing blow came from (e.g. a unit shot in the back will fall on their face)
  • Baseline, strength, and threat evaluations of military alliance, defensive alliance, military access and non-aggression pact have all been rebalanced
  • Baseline relations between Achaean pillar factions have been increased
  • A number of clarifications and quality of life improvements in diplomacy as well as fixing a number of issues have been introduced
  • The effects of the Priestess’ Ritual of Ruination and the Satyr’s Song of Discord actions have been changed



  • Fixed a crash occurring when clicking the Diplomacy button
  • Fixed a crash occurring when cancelling the recruitment of a unit
  • Fixed a crash occurring during End Turn
  • Fixed a crash occurring during post-battle matched combat
  • Fixed a crash occurring when progressing through the Basic Battle Tutorial
  • Fixed a crash when clicking on the Antagonist icon after they have already been defeated (the Antagonist icon is no longer displayed in those cases)
  • Fixed а crash in battle when hovering over a unit banner and the unit dies
  • Fixed a freeze occurring during land battles


  • Fixed an issue where Agamemnon could not use his abilities while mounted on a Skirmisher Chariot
  • Fixed an issue where Achilles could not use any of his abilities while mounted on a Melee Chariot
  • Achilles can now use his chariot when switching to his Epic armour with his chariot already equipped
  • AI Agamemnon is now slightly more likely to vassalise other factions instead of confederating them
  • Distributing Celestial Iron now correctly applies the melee attack and defence bonuses for newly recruited units for the duration of the resource distribution
  • Mythical Allies Mission from Priam now requires the player to recruit the correct amount of Centaur units
  • Fixed a bug where some of Achilles dilemmas from the Epic Mission chains did not trigger in the beginning of a new turn
  • Agamemnon’s A Steadfast Ally Epic Mission will now check if Aegisthus is available for recruitment upon being issued (if Aegisthus is not present in the player’s recruitment pool, he will be added)
  • Agamemnon’s A Steadfast Ally Epic Mission is now correctly completed if the user has already recruited Aegisthus before the Mission has been issued
  • Hector Gratitude events that award Heroes now properly state that the Hero has been added in the recruitment pool instead of claiming that the Hero has been recruited
  • Menelaus’ Justice for Sparta now properly completes if the user holds Helen and another faction destroys Paris of Troy (old saves with this issue will have the Mission completed after ending the turn)
  • Traits gained by defeating Epic Heroes can now be earned by Epic Heroes only, not just any faction leader (improved the explanation text of traits gained by defeating an enemy Epic Hero)
  • Agamemnon’s Wrath of the Atreides Mission now clearly states its autocomplete condition
  • AI Odysseus and his start position enemy the Teleboans should now wage war until either side dies
  • The Ammo specialization of Sarpedon’s Versatility Hero skill now properly grants him extra ammunition
  • Menelaus’ Idomeneus of Crete Epic Mission now has an active zoom-to-location button for the be at peace with the owner of Knossos objective, which points to Knossos
  • The Minotaur and the Cyclops awarded from the Epic Missions now have unique names
  • Sarpedon’s The Conquest of Crete Epic Mission now has an active zoom-to-location button for the Mission objective
  • Aeneas’ The Sun and Sea Epic Mission now has an active zoom-to-location button pointing to Knossos
  • Sarpedon no longer receives a notification that he has Precious Resources available while he has the cooldown for the resources on
  • Fixed cases where the chance for an Odysseus’ spy to establish a Safe Haven was shown to be absurdly low
  • Fixed an issue where Trojan Horse dilemma would not be firing for a second army if the event has already been already active for another one
  • Fixed an issue with resource values in the Lion’s Share mechanic
  • Speaking to Trochilus and Callithiya through Aeneas’ Stygian Voices mechanic now properly applies the upkeep cost reduction for chariots for eight turns instead of indefinitely
  • Spoils of War Mission issued by the Divine Omens mechanic will now correctly count the battle captives you take
  • If Paris or Hector are dead/confederated there will no longer be a confederation message triggered after the end of the Priam’s Benevolence mechanic for the dead faction


  • Fixed an issue where it was possible for spies to lose their skill tree after their faction had been confederated
  • Fixed an issue where AI was breaking agreements that valuated positively
  • Fixed an issue where confederating your own vassal would show an event message which states that the vassal broke the relationship
  • The tooltip text for Trojan Pillar and Danaan Pillar have been edited to be gender neutral
  • Significantly increased the maximum amount of resources that could be used in the Make It Work option
  • The agreement button in Quick Deal now has a property description based on the action
  • AI no longer proposes barters featuring the same resource on both sides
  • Offering to break a treaty with a third party now shows a treachery warning if applicable
  • Offering peace now shows a warning if it would decrease the player’s reliability rating
  • Fixed a bug in diplomacy where Military Alliance and Become Vassal could be offered at the same time when making a counter offer
  • When asking for resources and the deal is evaluated as 0, the diplomacy evaluation breakdown isnow visible
  • Cancelling vassalage now incurs reliability penalties (applies retroactively)
  • AI now considers the strength of a vassal’s master more during diplomacy, especially for war declarations
  • Fixed a bug where Offer Region diplomatic option was displaying a missing string when the AI was offering it to the player
  • Increased the frequency of Barter Agreements between AI factions to roughly one per turn
  • Fixed an issue where several AI factions declare war on Achilles in the early game
  • Antagonist faction can no longer be vassalized via post-battle option


  • Replaced the effect of the Contest of Ardour priestess skill from experience to own units to happiness after completing a Ritual with a value of 3 (and changed the icon of Contest of Ardour to a happiness icon to reflect its new purpose)
  • Agents in armies adjacent to settlements will no longer end up at the same position after performing an action on the settlement, thereby not allowing them to move (the agents will be moved to an adjacent position where normal movement should be possible)
  • The seer’s Ritual of True Sight action on own settlements can now only be performed if there is a temple within
  • Capturing Helen after Paris has been destroyed/confederated now properly applies her effect bundle and triggers an event for the new ruler of her settlement
  • Odysseus campaign AI no longer constructs multiple instances of his barracks in the same province and fully develops them
  • Heroes no longer get stuck in the settlement’s zone of control after sacking the settlement without occupying it
  • The Lord of the Silver Bow effect of Cult of Apollo level 2 now affects all archer units
  • The bonuses from the Follower of Artemis Hero skill and its specialization now affect all archer units
  • Fixed the duration of the line of sight bonus from Apollo’s prayer to properly last 4 turns instead of 8
  • The passive ability of the Gorgon, Orison of the Curses, now works as intended and slows enemy armies in the region
  • Besieging armies now cause a happiness decrease in the besieged settlement
  • The Shield Wall Formation ability for Corybantes is now present in campaign
  • When performing Prayer to Ares, enemy units in battle now suffer morale penalties
  • Fixed a bug with the autoresolve button not being available during the Earthquake event
  • Fixed various instances of suicidal AI behavior, mainly around walled cities
  • Fixed a bug where the agent’s link (also icon) in the Assassinated! notification was opening the Heroes help page instead


  • Effects related to the morale of units now are properly displayed as battle effects in the Character Details screen
  • Fixed an issue where the Antagonist Changes Plans event messages could appear more than once per turn
  • Fixed a bug that caused ancillaries to become “locked” and prevented them from being swapped for others
  • Fixed a bug where incorrect building UI has been displayed when a razed Troy gets colonised by Odysseus.
  • The effect of the Spill Their Blood post-battle option is now properly displayed in the pre-battle screen while the effect is active
  • Building cost is no longer hidden by building tooltip
  • The description of the Seer passive effect now correctly mentions that it affects agents as well as Heroes
  • Hero skills related to chariots now correctly show the chariot type that they unlock
  • Satyr’s Song of Tranquility description now only mentions “province” once
  • Replaced the break military alliance icon in the negotiation panel with the correct one
  • Swapped the places of resource owned and needed resources values in the colonise settlement tooltip
  • Resized Helen’s portrait in Paris’ Helen, My Love faction mechanic panel
  • The tooltip of the trait Descendant of Zeus now accurately says that it is awarded at the second level of cult instead of the third
  • Fixed a bug where the Ionion Pelagos terrain tooltip is displayed when you hover over the sky
  • Agamemnon and Menelaus’ influence effects in their Lineage traits now properly state that they are being applied at a province level
  • The Battle Veteran (Regeneration) Hero Skill specialization now has the correct title
  • Fixed a bug where the Supply Lines tooltip would sometimes remain on screen even after the mouse is not on the bundle icon
  • Fixed a bug were some factions were not visible in the known factions list when colonising the settlement through Spartan Colonies
  • The Cyclops now has the Blind Rage skill in campaign
  • The tooltip for the second tier of Zeus’ Divine Will effects has been updated to specify that it does not affect Epic agents
  • The Stance: Shadow Hero skill now correctly states that it benefits from ambush chance effects
  • The specialisations for the Hallowed Ground Hero skills have been assigned their proper icons
  • The Cult of Hera effect text now properly communicates that it works in provinces with at least 60 influence
  • Fixed a bug where the Poseidon Strikes! event could occur while Troy was being rebuilt after having been razed
  • Fixed a bug where the event message Troy Recovers could be shown while the city was under siege


  • Fixed a bug where enemy units suffer losses after the Advanced Battle Tutorial is unpaused
  • The player’s view over the army in an Advanced Battle Tutorial is no longer partially locked, thus hiding half of the forces when using a standard camera setting
  • Fixed an issue in Tutorial allowing a second Hero to be recruited after Agamemnon levels up
  • Fixed an issue where opening the help page of any unit, hovering over any statistic, and immediately closing the window with the Escape button was making part of the screen unresponsive
  • Agamemnon can no longer declare war for the first four turns of the Tutorial campaign
  • Links for the Rage and Aristeia help pages through the battle advisor now properly open the corresponding help page records
  • Unit exchange (between armies) now has the proper help overlay (press F1 to see contextual help about your current selection)
  • A long description has been added to the help pages for all giant recruitment buildings
  • A long description has been added to the help pages of all Centaur buildings
  • Motivation trait text pointer no longer displayed on the edge of the screen during the Tutorial mode if the Recruit Hero screen is closed too soon


  • The unit ability of archers firing at a target location has been changed from Apollo’s Rain to Volley and has had its description changed to differentiate it from the Hero skill with the same name
  • Fixed an issue where the Out of Control state of the Divine Challenge will remain active even after the ability effect has ended
  • Fixed an issue where attacked armies in March stance did not start the battle withthe correct low stamina level
  • Victory points no longer continue to drop once battle has finished
  • Companion Heroes can no longer throw javelins while mounted on Melee Chariots
  • Fixed a bug where Troy’s garrison arrived as reinforcements during the Trojan Horse battle
  • Corybantes’ Shield Wall Formation ability now provides the correct effect bundle
  • Units no longer perform missile attacks once routed
  • The universal morale effects of 16 ancillaries and 1 trait have been replaced with contextual morale effects to make them more niche and prevent morale stacking
  • The universal morale effects of 8 ancillaries and 2 traits have been replaced with other various effects to prevent morale stacking
  • Now The War-God’s Call cannot be used on units standing on walls or units that do not have not the same in-fort location as the casting unit
  • Fixed a cooldown issue with Menelaus’ Olympian Throw ability
  • Fixed а bug where routing units may pass through the enemy main line


  • Fixed a bug where skirmisher units would change their weapons upon entering/leaving siege towers
  • Fixed a visual issue with the Minotaur’s kilt
  • Fixed some visual issues with Dardanian Chargers holding weapons while in the idle position
  • Death animations are now properly related to the direction where the killing blow came from (e.g. a unit shot in the back will fall on their face)
  • Fixed situations where Danaan chariots used horses with improper textures


  • Fixed a UI discrepancy and inconsistency with Axe Chargers and Coastal Club Warriors attributes
  • Fixed a UI discrepancy for Sarpedon’s unit roster to better represent the units’ strengths and weaknesses 
  • Fixed a bug in Menelaus’ unit roster for consistency with its traits
  • Updated visual style of Battle Calls panel
  • Fixed a bug where the balance of power bar remains visible in battle realism mode
  • Fixed an issue with similar colour coding of both player and enemy selection markers in Deuteranopia and Protanopia colour blindness mode
  • The Large Skirmisher Chariot of the defender now uses the proper icon
  • All Heroes on chariots should now have the shield stat on their unit cards


  • Antagonist aggressiveness across the board has been increased
  • Increased Seer’s life from 8 to 10 turns
  • Baseline, strength, and threat evaluations of military alliance, defensive alliance, military access and non-aggression pact have all been rebalanced
  • Fighting rebel armies now provides 20% of the normal experience
  • Increased the wood recruitment cost of chariots
  • Increased the bronze upkeep cost of chariots
  • Replaced food recruitment cost with gold on higher-tier chariots
  • Reduced the effect of Blessed in Failure from 5 to 3 happiness after completing a Ritual
  • Reduced the effect of Soothsayer from 3 to 2 happiness after completing a Ritual
  • Besieging armies now cause -8 happiness in the besieged settlement


  • Before the Story/Sandbox dilemma is spawned, factions now should act more in line with their initial starting setup (they honour their initial treaties)
  • Choosing Story on the Story/Sandbox dilemma should enable Pillar boosts not only to the player Alliance but to the enemy Alliance as well
  • All factions will try and facilitate the Danaan/Trojan conflict slightly earlier
  • The AI prioritises recruitment for garrisoned AI armies instead of armies on the field
  • Increased the AI’s priority on garrisoning armies that are recruiting or about to recruit, instead of recruiting next to a region that already has a garrisoned army
  • The priority of some tier 2 units for AI recruitment has been slightly increased
  • The priority of some tier 1 units in the early game has been slightly decreased
  • The priority of tier 1 units post turn 70 has been significantly decreased


  • The priestess agent’s Ritual of Ruination action grants you favour when used against a foreign settlement in the same way as when you use the action on your own settlement. This means the religious abilities of the priestess can be used even when you have sent her deep into the territory of another faction. However, be aware that trying to enact a Ritual on a foreign settlement might fail, and the owner of the settlement will not look kindly on this. This change has replaced the previous morale-reducing effect of the Ritual of Ruination action
  • The Satyr’s Song of Discord action causes enemy units to tire in battle much more quickly after the revelry organised by the caprine agent (we implemented this effect to better differentiate between the Satyr and the Gorgon’s actions against armies)
  • The starting position of Achilles has been improved:
    • Achilles has two more units in his army
    • The second Ellopian army has been moved further to the south, gravitating around the other Ellopian settlement
    • The main building in Histiaea, the first Ellopian settlement, is reduced from second to first level, making the garrison inside weaker
    • The possibility for war with the Thessalians has been removed, improving relations with this faction as well as Narykos
  • Increased baseline relations between Achaean pillar factions
  • Impending defection event should no longer trigger for any reason


  • Shattered units are now immediately forced to retreat out of the battlefield borders


  • All missile units have had their stats slightly adjusted to better fit the game
  • Ammo for missile units has been reduced by 15%
  • Low-tier javelin units have had their armour-piercing damage significantly reduced
  • Low-tier bow units have had their damage reduced
  • High-tier bow units have had their damage slightly increased
  • Low-tier sling units have had their damage reduced
  • High-tier sling units have had their damage increased
  • “Low-armour” has been added to Militia and Anatolian Youths (no actual stats have been changed)
  • Slightly adjusted the damage of one-handed axe units to have a bit more armour piercing damage and less normal damage (their overall DPS should remain the same)
  • Increased charge bonus for Phrygian Warriors
  • “Armoured” has been added to Heavy Trojan Chariots
  • “Skirmishing” has been added to Archer Chariots and Trojan Noble Chariots instead of the special ranged attack one
  • Corybantes’ health has been increased
  • Corybantes’ armour has been increased
  • Corybantes’ battle speed has been increased
  • Corybantes will now take reduced stamina penalties
  • Corybantes will now keep a tighter formation and be more resistant to chariot charges
  • Spartoi attack has been increased
  • Spartoi’s armour piercing damage has been increased
  • Spartoi’s health has been increased
  • Spartoi’s battle speed has been increased
  • Spartoi’s stamina loss rate has been reduced
  • The Minotaur’s health has been slightly reduced
  • The Minotaur’s armour has been slightly reduced
  • The Minotaur’s morale has been greatly reduced
  • Savage Roar now lowers enemy morale by 10, down from 30
  • The speed of Pelagic Thessalians and Hector’s Chosen has been reduced to 42


  • The Strategic Threat level of a faction will now be displayed as a new icon above the faction leader’s portrait in the Diplomacy panel
  • The faction’s current greatest threat will also be displayed upon hovering over the icon
  • Factions from culture groups that can be confederated by the player’s faction will now be marked with a special icon in the faction list
  • Treaty propositions that have a negative repercussion to the player’s reliability rating will now be marked with a warning icon both in the Treaties panel and the treaty buttons
  • Floating notifications that inform the player of various instant actions, such as results of agent actions and armies changing stances, have been redesigned to communicate their key information more clearly
  • All icons in overlays have been updated with a dark background to make them stand out better against the parchment background
  • The Homeric Character trait now has its own icon
  • Additionally, the Homeric Character trait will now be visible in the Recruit Hero panel if a Hero has the trait
  • Added colour blindness support for enemy unit markers in battle – Tritanopia has been set to use red, while Protanopia and Deuteranopia use white
  • Added colour blindness support for the deal evaluation labels in the Diplomacy panel
  • A tooltip has been added to the hourglass icon that indicates an ancillary in transit and explains the transition mechanic and duration
  • New explanatory text has been added to the “None” item slot in Ancillaries to warn the player that unequipping an equipment will always put it in transit


  • Some of you may have experienced odd behaviour with the Reliability Rating in Diplomacy when loading up old saved games. We investigated and found out that this was caused by a change we did to the Reliability mechanic after release. Should you end the turn, the game will automatically refresh it and start displaying the correct value


Source: totalwar.com

Written by: Carizma

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