Ace Combat 7 Trophies List Reveals

Ace Combat 7 Trophies List Reveals

The PS4 trophies for Ace Combat 7 were revealed! In total there are 50 trophies you can unlock, these are divided into: 1 platinum, 2 gold, 11 silver and 36 bronze trophies.

There are many simple trophies but also a few heavy ones. So the two golden trophies seem to be very difficult, you have to complete all missions with the rank “S” and receive all medals.

As soon as the game is released, we will provide you with a Trophy Guide!


Ace Combat 7 Trophy Guide

    Obtained all Trophies.

    Completed all campaign mode missions on ACE difficulty with an S rank.

  • The Highest Achiever
    Obtained all medals in campaign mode.

  • What A Wonderful World
    Completed campaign mode.

  • Hardened Vet
    Completed all missions in campaign mode on all difficulties.

  • Even Higher Achiever
    Obtained 10 or more medals in campaign mode.

  • Bird Of Prey
    Destroyed all named aircraft in campaign mode.

  • All For One
    Sortied 50 times in Team Death Matches.

  • Thirsty For Blood
    Sortied 50 times in Battle Royal.

  • Amazing Job
    Obtained 150 performance evaluations in multiplayer mode.

  • Need A Bigger Bank Account
    Obtained 25,000,000 MRP in total.

  • MRP Aplenty
    Obtained 40,000,000 MRP in total.

  • Fighter Fanatic
    Obtained 20 or more aircraft.

  • Patron Of The Parts
    Obtained all aircraft, special weapons, and upgrade parts.

  • First Flight
    Completed Mission 01 in campaign mode.

  • Spreading Your Wings
    Completed Mission 02 in campaign mode.

  • Looming Shadow
    Completed Mission 03 in campaign mode.

  • Outlaw
    Completed Mission 04 in campaign mode.

  • Going Down
    Completed Mission 05 in campaign mode.

  • Just a Pawn
    Completed Mission 06 in campaign mode.

  • A Chance Encounter
    Completed Mission 07 in campaign mode.

  • Painting The Scenery
    Completed Mission 08 in campaign mode.

  • Distortion
    Completed Mission 09 in campaign mode.

  • Heading Places
    Completed Mission 10 in campaign mode.

  • Resurgence
    Completed Mission 11 in campaign mode.

  • Stonehenge Back On Track
    Completed Mission 12 in campaign mode.

  • Search And Destroy
    Completed Mission 13 in campaign mode.

  • Tearing Through The Dark
    Completed Mission 14 in campaign mode.

  • Silence
    Completed Mission 15 in campaign mode.

  • Jumping At Shadows
    Completed Mission 16 in campaign mode.

  • Cutting The Cord
    Completed Mission 17 in campaign mode.

  • Let’s Settle This
    Completed Mission 18 in campaign mode.

  • Giant Slayer
    Completed Mission 19 in campaign mode.

  • Reaching New Heights
    Completed Mission 20 in campaign mode.

  • High Achiever
    Obtained 5 or more medals in campaign mode.

  • There And Back Again
    Completed all takeoffs, mid-air refuelings, and landings in each campaign mode mission.

  • Frequent Flyer
    Flew a total of 76,500 km in campaign mode.

  • Aircraft Annihilator
    Destroyed a total of 3,000 enemies in campaign mode.

  • All Aces
    Played multiplayer mode for the first time.

  • Globetrotter
    Played all maps in multiplayer mode.

  • Best Of Both Worlds
    Played a match using Team Death Match and Battle Royal rules.

  • Together We Fly
    Won a Team Death Match.

  • Last One Flying
    Came first in Battle Royal.

  • Go Team Go
    Sortied 20 times in Team Death Matches.

  • Going It Alone
    Sortied 20 times in Battle Royal.

  • Great Job
    Obtained 50 performance evaluations in multiplayer mode.

  • Need A Bigger Wallet
    Obtained 5,000,000 MRP in total.

  • Craft Collector
    Obtained 5 or more aircraft.

  • Budding Buyer
    Obtained a total of 15 aircraft, special weapons, and upgrade parts combined.

  • Regular Customer
    Obtained a total of 100 aircraft, special weapons, and upgrade parts combined.

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