14 Days of Fortnite: Destroy Snowflake Decorations – All Locations

Fortnite Battle Royale “14 Days of Fortnite” Challenges Day 12 – Destroy Snowflake Decorations.

Snowflake Decorations Locations Guide

In total, there are 12 snowflake decorations to destroy on Day 12 of the 14 day Challenges Challenge “Destroy Snowflake Decorations” challenge.

You only have to destroy 12. Not 12 different, you can destroy the same snowflake decoration 12 times (though this would be required in 12 different games).

What are snowflake decorations? These items are the small white stars that hang in windows or lamps.

A good place to destroy the 12 decorations is Tilted Towers. There are more of these items than you need!

Day 12 Reward: snowflake emoticon

Written by: Carizma

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