AC Valhalla: All War Letters Locations – Sigrblot Festival

Are you looking for the war letters of the Sigrblot Festival in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla? No problem! In this guide we show you where the letters are hidden.

If there are a few inexperienced AC Valhalla players, let’s get started with the festival. The new event is available immediately, you don’t have to install a patch. Once you are in the game, travel to your village of Ravensthorpe. This is where the first quest begins – The War Effort.

Mark the new quest and you have to go to the market place, there is a tree trunk with lots of notes. Interact with the slips of paper and the quest will be updated.

Now you have to do several tasks to complete The War Effort. One of these tasks involves finding three letters of war. The search doesn’t take long, at least if you know where they are hidden.

The first letter is to the left of the tree trunk, by one of the market stalls with a red roof. Use your Odin’s sight to find it faster.

The second letter is then on your left again, there is another market stall with a red roof. You will find the last letter directly behind it. In case we didn’t explain it so well or you can’t classify it properly, you will now find a video guide.

Have fun and stay healthy!


Written by: Carizma

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