Anthem: All Hidden Places Locations Guide – Explorer Challenges

In Anthem there are a total of 10 Hidden Places to find. You need this Hidden Places for the “Explorer” Trophies / Achievements, there are 10 trophies that you can unlock. So for the 10 zones of the bastion.

You can visit the Hidden Places anytime during the game, you can not miss them. For the Explorer Collection of Trophies and Challenges, you must find all districts, landmarks, and hidden places in each zone. In this guide we show you all 10 Hidden Places.

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All Hidden Places locations in Anthem

[0:01] Academy Ruins – The Hollow
[0:43] Fortress of Dawn – The Dungeon
[1:30] Ruins of Shadowmark – The Sovereign Mine

[2:01] Ruins of Shadowmark – The Vault
[3:12] Monument Watch – The Bane Engine
[3:49] Emerald Abyss – The Foundry
[4:29] East Gate – The Necropolis
[5:06] Eastern Reach – The Shrine
[5:35] Valley of Tarsis – The Haven
[6:15] Great Falls Canyon – The Mandible

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