Anthem: Change Weapon – How It Works

The Anthem demo is running at full speed, yet many players do not manage to switch from the primary weapon to the secondary weapon, we clarify!

Anthem Switch Weapon

Change the weapon in Anthem, that’s how it works

First, of course, you have to put a weapon in the 2nd slot. You can only do this if you are in your Javelin Armor, and you must be in the Forge. To get into the forge menu, if you jump into the javelin you have to the bottom of the menu bar forge, press the button shown and you will come to the menu you are looking for.

Now Navigate to Weapons and click X (PS4), now you can choose the weapons for both weapons slots.

Switch weapon in Anthem: Now that you have equipped both slots with weapons, you can switch between these two weapons in your expeditions and missions. You need to use these buttons:

  • PC: Via the mouse wheel or via the keystroke keys 1 and 2
  • PS4: Hold square to change the weapon
  • Xbox One: Hold X to change the weapon


Problems with changing the weapons? The above-mentioned buttons to change the weapons does not always seem to work. We also had some problems on the PS4, it can happen that you keep the weapon by holding square, but then automatically switch back to the other weapon. In addition, sometimes we only had to press short and another time much longer.

A complete overview of all required keys for control is in progress!

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Written by: Carizma

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