Anthem: Missing Strongholds – We have a Solution

More and more players are reporting that the Strongholds in Anthem are disappearing. The players have already found a way to avoid this error.

What is this mistake? On Reddit, some players report that you can no longer choose Strongholdin Anthem. The Strongholds simply disappear from the world map.

New Error in Anthem appeared

The mistake apparently occurred for the first time last weekend. During the night from Friday to Saturday, players pointed out that the freeplay was suddenly completely empty and there were problems with the Strongholds. BioWare then applied a fix to fix this issue.

What about the fortresses? The fix has apparently resolved the problems with freeplay, but the fortresses still seem to be bitchy. For example, players report that only one or two strongholds are missing, while other freelancers can not select any of the three fortresses.

Other players state that their fortresses are completely empty or simply thrown out after entering the instances. Some players are teleported as a team of four also in the middle of a stronghold already started or stand after completed phases in front of closed doors and can not finish the fortresses.

What can you do? So far, BioWare has not responded explicitly to the issue. The players have then developed their own way how the error can be at least bypassed.

If you also no longer see any Strongholds in Anthem, try to join a friend who does not have this problem. Together, you can now load into the dungeon, after which you should see the Strongholds again.

On Reddit, some players state that the bug was fixed for them. For some others, however, the problem recurred after some time.

Are you also suffering from this problem? Did the tip help you or did you have any other suggestions?

Written by: Dom

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