Anthem: Scar Drills opens a Loot Cave

Anthem Loot Cave

In Anthem you are dealing with various enemies. For the Scars, however, you should take a closer look at a detail.

As some players have reported in Anthem subreddit, freelancers should pay close attention to the scar drills. If you destroy the drills, you get a chance of a cave opening underneath.

In these caves there should be more enemies, at the end of the cave you will find a chest full of loot.

What are the Scars? Scars are one of the opponent types in Anthem. They are insect-like humanoids that are specifically looking for shaper relics. The Scar attack with various units, such as Escari, Hunter or Scouts, and usually emerge silently through their drills.

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Written by: Carizma

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