Anthem: How to unlock Legendary Contracts

Anthem offers you legendary assignments that will keep you busy in the endgame. As you unlock this form of orders, we have here for you.

What are orders? Contracts or Missions in Anthem are short side jobs that increase the reputation for a particular faction. For each faction you have to go to another NPC for this:

  • Yarrow for the freelancers
  • Brin for the Sentinels
  • Matthias for the Arcanists


Contracts are already being offered at a low level during the Anthem campaign. The normal contracts should be a kind of “training” for what awaits the players in the endgame.

Anthem: Legendary contracts for better looting

What are legendary orders? Legendary contracts are the legendary variant of the factions’ contracts. They should be “repeatable, dynamic and damn hard”.

Legendary assignments are part of the endgame’s activities and are a way to keep improving your Javelin. They do not give you guaranteed masterpieces or legendary items, but legendary orders have a better chance of getting the best equipment than normal contracts.

This is how you unlock legendary missions:

Legendary missions come when you’ve played through Anthem’s campaign, and reached level 30 with your pilot. You should have played through the story of the factions. In other words, if you want to have the Sentinels’ legendary assignments, you must also finish their story.

If you want to receive the legendary assignments of all factions, you must have played the story of all three factions. This ends when you do all the tasks of the factions. If you regularly speak to the NPCs at Fort Tarsis after your missions, you will automatically take the storylines of the factions with you.

You do not have to reach the full reputation points for each faction to receive the legendary missions. Just complete Anthem’s campaign, complete the party sidequests and reach level 30. Then the legendary orders should be available to you.

How many legendary orders do you receive? While the normal factions of the factions can be repeated over and over again, legendary orders are limited: players can accept three Legendary Contracts per day, one order per faction.

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