Apex Legends: Damage Stats for All Weapons

In Apex Legends there are several weapons, which are the best weapon of each type, we have already explained here.

Now let’s look at the Apex weapons from another side, which weapon does the most damage?

With the multitude of weapons the game offers, we all wonder about the damage stats of the weapons. After all, everyone wants to have the strongest and most effective weapon. Below is a list of all weapons and damage values in Apex Legends.

It is also worth mentioning that the damage for head-shot and the body-shots varies. The damage statistics for each weapon are also reduced if the opponent wears armor that creates resistance to the damage done. The reduction of damage caused depends on the type of protective equipment.

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How much damage do the weapons do in Apex Legends?

Apex Legends has a total of 19 weapons available to players. Weapon damage Stats for all Apex Legends weapons show that Mastiff and Kraber are the best weapons when it comes to pure damage. These two Apex weapons can kill an opponent with maximum armor if used properly.

Here is a table for all players to better understand the weapons available in the game:

Weapon Type Body Damage Head-shot Damage
Wingman Pistol 45 90
RE-45 Pistol 11 16
P2020 Pistol 12 18
R-99 SMG 12 18
Alternator SMG 13 19
Prowler SMG 14 21
Hemlok Assault Rifle 18 36
R-301 Assault Rifle 14 28
Flatline Assault Rifle 16 32
Devotio LMG 17 34
Spitfire LMG 20 40
Kraber Sniper Rifle 125 250
G7 Scout Sniper Rifle 30 60
Longbow Sniper Rifle 55 110
Triple Take Sniper Rifle 60 138
Mozambique Shotgun 45 65
EVA-8 Auto Shotgun 63 90
Peacekeeper Shotgun 110 165
Mastiff Shotgun 144 288

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