Apex Legends: Golden Ticket Guide

Apex Legends Golden Ticket

Apex Legends’ weekly storyline finishes 20 days after the season ends. Golden Tickets allow you to see “Divided Moon,” a new map.

In contrast, each Apex Legends season is complete without a tantalizing glimpse at what’s to come. This week, a mysterious object dubbed a Golden Ticket appeared as a craftable item in the game’s Replicators, giving players their first taste of what’s to come in Season 15.

How to Get Started

Choose the button in the bottom left corner of the main lobby screen that lets you switch game modes. If you look in the upper right corner of the mode selection page, you’ll see a small image of a Golden Ticket floating in space. The picture says “A New Home,” and there is a countdown timer next to it that seems to say the Golden Tickets will start working on October 18.

It’s straightforward. The Golden Ticket requires 125 Crafting Materials and Apex Legends matches are chaotic. We’ve learned a lot, so we’ve put up a quick list of suggestions to unlock this pre-season teaser as easily as possible. These tips will get you your Golden Ticket quickly.

Tips and Tricks

Squad Goals

Use a pre-assembled team in your game. This should be emphasized to no end. To recruit allies if you don’t have any offline, you can look for them online. When playing with strangers, it’s polite to explain the point of the game.

Look and Craft

Obtaining the raw materials for your next craft project doesn’t have to be as difficult as you might think. If you open a Supply Chest, you will receive five raw materials for your next project. Don’t be shy about beating your other soldiers to any Supply Bin you come across; just be sure to divide up the actual loot fairly among your squad.

Stealth is your best friend

As much as we love to hot drop, there are times and places for it, like when we’re not trying to stay alive long enough to gather 125 Crafting Materials to make a Golden Ticket. Sometimes it’s best to be quiet, so you might want to land near a POI with a Replicator, spend a few minutes opening Supply Bins while you wait for the initial chaos to die down, and then go to the POI with the Replicator. This means you can raid canisters of Crafting Materials at the same time you raid deathboxes.

Use Replicators Carefully

Using a Replicator can give away your location, so make sure you do a lot of research before you move in to make sure your ticket-hunting adventure isn’t going to lead you right into an ambush. Once it’s safe, go to the replicator and choose “Golden Ticket” from the top of the crafting menu.

Use your reward to the fullest. When you craft a Golden Ticket, the Replicator doesn’t just spit out a Golden Ticket. It also spits out a fully-kitted gold weapon, which will help you take out any squads that are waiting to ambush you.

Use your Legends Efficiently

It’s always best to play a legend you’re familiar with, but in this challenge, some legends give you more advantages than others. Mirage is great because he can disappear, revive/respawn teammates while he is invisible, and use decoys to distract enemies. Bloodhound and Crypto are also great choices because they can keep an eye on their surroundings and scan for enemies.

We’re curious as to the function of this Golden Ticket. Although we can’t be sure, we suspect that Golden Ticket holders will be among the first to see the new lunar-themed map, as seen by the countdown timer on the page where you select your game option. Not until next week will players learn the secret of the Golden Ticket.

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Written by: verena smith

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