Apex Legends: Nessy Dolls Locations Guide

There are hidden Nessy figures in Apex Legends, they are little green dragons like the Loch Ness monster. In this guide we show you all the locations of these Nessy dolls.

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Find all Nessie Dolls – Summon Nessie

Below you will find a map and a video of all Nessy locations. Once you have found a Nessy figure, the message “A Nessy appears” appears on your screen, top right.

There are a total of 10 hidden Nessie Puppets on the Apex Legends map, and once you’ve found all 10 Nessie Dolls, a huge Loch Ness Monster will appear. This happens at the last Nessie Location!



#1 Nessy Doll – Cascades

The first Nessie doll can be found in the area Cascades, on a small green area.


#2 Nessie doll – Skull Town

Also in a pool, slightly east of the respawn unit


#3 Nessie doll – Slum Lakes

West beside a yellow pipe


#4 Nessie doll – Relay

To the east in front of the waterfall


#5 Nessie doll – Water Treatment

Slight left at the middle two waterholes


#6 Nessie doll – Runoff

Next to the respawn unit in the grass


#7 Nessie doll – Wetlands

You reach the stuffed animal coming from the east through a canyon


#8 Nessie doll – Swamp

In a hut northeast of the respawn unit


#9 Nessie doll – Bunker

Mini-Nessie hides under a building in the pond


#10 Nessie doll – Swamp

The last cuddly toy is located on the very edge of the island

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