Apex Legends: Get your exclusive Skin with Twitch Prime – We show you how

With a Twitch Prime account, you can now secure the exclusive Pathfinder Skin “Omega Point” for Apex Legends for free. In addition there are 5 Apex packs for free.

What is this gift? Apex has been updated recently and now there’s a gift for everyone. For a limited time, players can pick up free loot for Apex Legends. The free content is available for PC, PS4 and also Xbox One. Included is the Pathfinder Skin Omega Point. This is a legendary skin!

How do you get the Omega Spot Skin for Pathfinder? You must have an account on Twitch.TV and be a Twitch Prime user. Then visit the Twitch website and click on the top of the crown.

Afterwards you should link your Twitch account with your EA account. This is important so that the loot can be assigned to the correct EA account. Once you have done that, you can easily request the legendary Pathfinder Skin and the 5 Apex Packs. The next time you log into Apex Legends you will have the loot.


It’s so easy to get the skin in Apex Legends:

  • Log into Twitch.TV
  • Click the crown
  • Request the loot under the image of Pathfinder (Apex Legends)
  • Connect account to EA
  • Log in on the platform where you want to unlock the skin
  • Finished


Help, I do not have a Twitch Prime, but I want the Skin: If you’re an Amazon Prime Service customer, you can easily link your Amazon and Twitch account. Then Twitch-Prime will be unlocked for you.

I do not want an Amazon Prime, but the Skin: That too is not a problem if you have not tried Twitch Prime yet. Then just get the free trial subscription. There is also the current apex loot.

Can I request the skin on multiple platforms? No, that’s only possible once. It is the platform on which you log in to Apex Legends first after requesting the loot.

Did it work for you? Or are you not interested in that Skin? Share your thoughts with us. Use the comments below!

Written by: Dom

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