Apex Legends Tier List: Season 14 

APEX Legends Season 14

Apex Legends Tier List adds additional characters to its Battle Royale game. Season 14 introduced Vantage. Vantage, like every new Legend, is a popular hero.

Is Vantage worth the hype? This guide will rate all of the game’s characters. To provide a fair rating, each Legend’s assault, defense, support, or recon function for average players will be considered.

Apex Legends Tier List: S-Tier


Seer may be the best legend in the game right now. His loadout consists primarily of wall hacks, and he may be efficiently employed by players of all skill levels.

However, what now makes him the most powerful may simply be his passive. The capacity to locate foes while they are unaware of your presence is incalculably valuable.

Horizon is another Legend with an amazing capability for utility in every scenario. Her strategy can be employed for pushes, escapes, and even doorway blocking! Furthermore, her ultimate is essentially a free kill if you have a couple arc-stars nearby.

Octane mains are known for stealing loot, but he’s one of Apex’s most viable Legends. Octane’s loadout is great for aggressive and passive players, with great team assistance. Plus, passive health regeneration is invaluable.

Apex Legends Tier List: A-Tier


Vantage is Apex’s newest Legend. She’s the most balanced new character ever. Her sniper ultimate makes hitting your target easy, and Vantage allows for some of the fastest kill timings in the game.

Valkyrie is still a threat following her season 14 adjustment. Her ultimate has grown more useful due to the recent rise in storm damage. Valkyrie may be the game’s best movement-based legend.

Pathfinder is a fan favorite for its movement. A player who knows Pathfinder’s mechanics is viable in all situations. Pathfinder makes pushing foes, avoiding conflicts, and positioning easier. His zipline makes him a great team-rotating legend.

Mad-Maggie is an underappreciated Legend. Her huge buff went unnoticed. Camping in a building with a Mad-Maggie outside is dangerous. Her tactical makes any cover a threat, and her ultimate destroys traps.

Ash is the best Legend at team rotation. Ash’s ultimate gives her and her teammates an instant advantage in any combat. Use her strategy on fleeing or chasing adversaries to throw a wrench in their plans. Scanning deathboxes will alert the opposition team of your location.

Wraith’s adaptability is unequaled among pros. Wraith is S-tier when used correctly. The average player won’t have hundreds of hours to play as her. Even a beginner can be a formidable opponent. Her portals make for amusing and impressive moves, and her passive can prevent an ambush.

Lifeline is popular. Her ultimate isn’t great, but her tactical and passive are the finest support abilities right now. She’s the game’s best teammate.

Bloodhound has been balanced since Apex’s premiere. Seer’s launch made Bloodhound’s passive and tactical counterparts more effective. Bloodhound’s ultimate is powerful. Any Apex veteran will agree that Bloodhound’s ultimate sound-cue terrifies the other squad.

Apex Legends Tier List: B-Tier

APEX Legends Revenant

Revenant is a deadly foe. Revenant’s tactical and ultimate need work, but his passive makes up for it. He’s the king of flanks because he can stealthily scale the biggest structures.

Bangalore is a magnificent Legend, despite being less popular. Her passive boosts speed, and her smoke grenades can save lives. Her ultimate will send foes fleeing.

Caustic, another Legend, is doing well. His ultimate needs a buff. His tactics are effective, though. In a Caustic-filled room, you’re in danger.

NewCastle makes up for lacking an ultimate in other ways. NewCastle’s tactical is overpowered, and his passive revive rivals Lifelines! Don’t run him in duos.

Fuse’s offensive loadout may not be the most versatile. Every skill he has is good, and his ultimate makes simple kills. Don’t underestimate knuckle clusters’ damage.


APEX Legends Gibraltar

Gibraltar’s passive makes him the most viable right now, as his ultimate is weak. Gibraltar’s air strikes are the weakest in Apex. His tactics are useful in open fields but not in close quarters.

When Rampart has her ultimate and the high ground, she’s dangerous. Her passivity isn’t impressive. Rampart’s tactical serves its job well, although it’s not as effective as when Rampart originally arrived owing to countering Legends.

Wattson is struggling right now. That doesn’t mean she’s not viable. Her walls bother adversary teams pushing buildings. A machine that can counter grenades and restore shields is also useful.

Loba is in bad shape and barely meets C-Tier criteria. Her tactical takes too long to activate, and her ultimate and passive are useless late-game. During the first half of the match, you can acquire any loot you desire.


APEX Legends Mirage

A once-popular character is nearly extinct. Mirage’s tactical decoy is clear to mediocre players, and his ultimate is only puzzling for a few seconds. Mirage needs a rework, says the community.

Crypto’s legend is terrible. His Ultimate and passive are weak. His method is situationally effective, but it leaves Crypto susceptible. Avoid Crypto for now.

Who is your favorite character in Apex Legends? Let us know in the comments below!

Written by: verena smith

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