Assassin’s Creed Odyssey: Aphrodite’s Embrace – Trophy / Achievement Guide

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey has many trophies and achievements you can unlock. To achieve 100% progress, you have to solve or unlock all these tasks.

In this guide we show you the following trophy / achievement:

Aphrodite’s Embrace
Spend the night with another character.

In the game you can have romances, this is done through certain dialogues in main and side quests. You can select dialog lines with a Heart-Icon. Choose these and it will lead to romances.

You can do this task with the subtitle “Age is Just a Number” in Phokis. After Sequence 3, you should get there automatically. The quest is northeast of the city. At the fast-transit point Temple of Apollo. You have to plunder a deer and a bear, both found in the same region as the quest. At the end of the quest, when you return to the quest giver, choose the dialogue with the heart “Let me satisfy you“. Then the trophy appears after the resulting cutscene.

Alternatively, at the end of Sequence 4 in Main Quest “Perikle’s Symposium“, you go to a party and sleep with Alcibiades. Select the dialogue with the heart symbol “Let’s Get These Clothes Off” after we have got Alcibiades oil.

If you are looking for a complete overview of all trophies and achievements or other puzzle solutions, here is our Assassin’s Creed Odyssey 100% Walkthrough.


Sleep with a Character – Aphrodite’s Embrace

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  1. Hardy December 19, 2020 | Reply


    just curious… My GF just completed every quest in AC Odyssey and because says she’s a “good girl”, she never slept with anyone in the game (but the killing is OK with her I suppose). Now she realized she is missing only this trophy and she refuses to start a new game to get it because she “couldn’t be bothered” and it would be a “waste of time”. Long story short, somehow this is my fault and I am responsible for fixing it.

    My question is: Is there any way to sleep with someone outside a quest? Is there maybe an access to some NPCs who’d do it for drachmae?

    I look forward to any reply, I had to sleep in the kitchen last night 😀

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