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ac odyssey walkthrough

We welcome you to our Assassin’s Creed Odyssey walkthrough! We’ll show you all the puzzle solutions, trophies & achievements, side missions and collectibles.

With our tips and instructions, you can complete Assassin’s Creed Odyssey at 100%!

Synchronize: As you already know from the other parts of the series, you can synchronize the environment in certain places. This will completely reveal part of the card. The first point in the game is Mount Enos, on top of the statue. The locations where you can sync are marked on the map with an eagle.

This guide is under construction and is constantly expanding!

Trophies & Achievements:
There are many trophies and achievements you can unlock in the game. Some will be unlocked automatically during the game while others will have to be dealt with separately and resolved. We have a 100% trophy guide:


There are many collectible pieces you can find in the game, we’ll show you all sorts of collectibles and where to find them.


There are many cultists in the game who you can all find / discover and kill. Some of you will meet during the game, others will have to search for them. In the cultist menu you can see which ones you have already discovered and killed.


Secret Tombs are hidden throughout the game world. The goal of the graves is to find an ancient stele at the end. Of course, you also get small treasures while exploring the graves. There a total of 22 Tombs.


Crew members (ship)
You can recruit different crew members for your ship as the game progresses. But you have to unlock them first, through story missions, assignments or other activities. A list of all possible people you can recruit is in progress!


AC Odyssey – 100% Story Walkthrough

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