Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Viewpoint Locations Guide

In Assassin’s Creed Valhalla you can synchronize a total of 72 viewpoints. These places are used to reveal an area on the map, and you can use them as a fast travel. When you’ve revealed an area, collectibles and other items are marked on the map (artifacts are not marked).

ou can find an overview of all AC Valhalla solutions in our trophy guide.


ACV Viewpoints Locations

A viewpoint is always at a high place, so you can find it on towers, roofs or mountains. If you have climbed to a viewpoint, you have to synchronize it with the map. Only when the synchronization has been fully completed will the map be revealed, items marked and the fast travel activated.

The viewpoints are marked on the map with a green eagle symbol.

You should definitely make sure that you unlock all these fast travel points, this will make a lot easier for you.


These instructions are under construction and will be expanded!


Norway Viewpoints

In Norway you can find 6 Viewpoints.


England Viewpoints

In England you can find 57 Viewpoints.


Vinland Viewpoints

In Vinland you can find 5 Viewpoints.


Asgard Viewpoints

In Asgard you can find 2 Viewpoints.


Jotunheim Viewpoints

In Jotunheim you can find 2 Viewpoints.

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