Atelier Ryza 2 Trophy Guide and Tips

In Atelier Ryza 2: Lost Legends & the Secret Fairy you can unlock a total of 49 trophies. In this Trophy Guide we show you all the trophies and their tasks.

Below you will find all the trophies, as well as tips and collectibles. You will definitely find everything related to the trophies here! First you will find a table with a short overview. Second you find a detailed list of all trophies, descriptions, Trophy Guides and much more!

More Guides and News about Atelier Ryza 2 you will find on our overview page. Green marked trophies are linked with a separate and detailed guide!


Trophies List Atelier Ryza 2

Estimated time for platinum:
Total Trophies: 49 (1,3,7,38)
Offline trophies:
Online trophies:
Missable Trophies: 0
Minimum Playthroughs


Usefull Guides:


This guide is under construction – it will continue soon!


Atelier Ryza 2 Trophy Guide

  • Secret Fairy
    Obtained all trophies.

  • 100% Mystery Solver
    Completed all ruins in the Exploration Diary.

  • Alchemy Compilation
    Unlocked all alchemy skills in the Skill Tree.

  • Final Bastion
    Defeated the Last Sentinel.

  • Again, Another Day
    Obtained an everlasting treasure on a grand adventure.

  • City Superstar!
    Earned max reputation with all groups.

  • Accessory Collector
    Obtained all decoration accessories.

  • Top-Notch Adventurer
    Obtained all gathering and adventure tools.

  • Research Enthusiast
    Completed everything on the research list.

  • Guided by the Compass
    Collected all Ruin Fragments and Memory Vestiges.

  • Ancient Ruler
    Defeated the Legendary Monarch.

  • Crossing the Sea
    Crossed the ocean and reached the continent.

  • My Alchemy!
    Synthesized an item for the first time.

  • Mysterious Creature…?
    Met Fi.

  • Forgotten Ruins
    Discovered the Maiden’s Catacombs crystal.

  • Submerged Star
    Discovered the Sunken City of Stars crystal.

  • Fire People’s Workshop
    Discovered the Ancient Mana Workshop crystal.

  • Misty Forest
    Discovered the Mirage Land crystal.

  • Into the Dragon’s Belly
    Discovered the Dragonbone Valley crystal.

  • Best Friends Forever
    Completed all of Klaudia’s character events.

  • One Dependable Bro
    Completed all of Lent’s character events.

  • Overflowing Passion
    Completed all of Tao’s character events.

  • Courage by Your Side
    Completed all of Patricia’s character events.

  • True Treasure
    Completed all of Clifford’s character events.

  • Budding Friendship
    Completed all of Serri’s character events.

  • Back to Normal
    Completed all of Bos’s character events.

  • Drawing a Crowd
    Completed all of Zephine’s character events.

  • We’ll Win Next Time!
    Completed all of Dennis’s character events.

  • Romy the Merchant
    Completed all of Romy’s character events.

  • Plentiful Harvest
    Completed all of Cassandra’s character events.

  • Beyond the Cliff
    Found the Emerald Band.

  • Riding on Your Back
    Found the Spirit Beast Whistle.

  • Deeper, Deeper!
    Created an Air Drop.

  • Eternal Torch
    Obtained the Mana Lantern.

  • Leave It to Me!
    Earned max reputation with any one group.

  • Decoration Master
    Obtained all decoration items.

  • Ruins Explorer
    Completed first ruin in the Exploration Diary.

  • Seasoned Alchemist
    Created a level 99 item.

  • Breaking the Limit
    Created an item with 999 quality.

  • Stronger and Stronger!
    Created an Evolved Item.

  • Essence User
    Used an essence during synthesis.

  • Elemental Master
    Used all essences.

  • Core Element Released!
    Unlocked a Core Element.

  • Puni Master
    Raised a rare Puni.

  • Great Business
    Maximized the Development Level of any category.

  • Giant Hunter
    Defeated a giant enemy.

  • Shadow Exorcism
    Defeated an enemy shrouded in darkness.

  • Fatal Rush!
    Unleashed all Fatal Drives.

  • New Super Move
    Activated all Core Drives.

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