Baldur’s Gate 3: Moon Puzzle Guide – The Defiled Temple

You have problems with the Defiled Temple’s Moon Puzzle at the goblin camp in Baldur’s Gate 3? No problem, we will help you solve this puzzle!

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Baldur’s Gate 3 – Moon Puzzle guide

As soon as you have eliminated the high priestess Gut you will meet the ogre bodyguard Polma and have to fight him. Then you come to a shrine-like area.

You will see a riddle on the floor. This is the puzzle that Baldur’s Gate 3 players call the moon puzzle or the moon door puzzle.

Note: Before starting this puzzle, divide your group so that only one character interacts with the puzzle.


If you take a closer look you will see four large circular plates on the floor. There are also several smaller circles in these plates with different symbols:

  • New Moon (black)
  • Full moon (white)
  • Half moon (black and white)


To solve the puzzle, you now have to turn the plates so that the symbols are arranged as follows:

  • Top plate – full moon symbols.
  • Bottom plate – new moon symbols.
  • Side plates – half moon symbols.


To understand it even better, here is a video guide to the moon puzzle

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