Battlefield V: Death from Above – Achievement Guide

To complete Battlefield 5 at 100% you must unlock all trophies and achievements. In this guide we help you with the following achievement:

Death from Above
In Multiplayer, destroy 5 manned stationary weapons with a Airplane

For an overview of all Battlefield 5 trophies and achievements, click here.


Find 5 manned stationary weapons

You have to participate in a multiplayer game, there are several areas where you can find the manned stationary weapons.

At the bottom of the video you can see the exact process, not really hard, finding a target and dropping bombs.

Written by: Carizma

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  1. Azaz Khan March 30, 2019 | Reply

    I need help anyone up for it
    PSN ID Azazgamer1

  2. Rule December 6, 2018 | Reply

    Rule6k need help this trophy

  3. Hopthebunny123 November 30, 2018 | Reply

    I need help boosting death from above trophy on battlefield 5 is there anyone could help me please, add me

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