Brick vs. Paddle: Steam Achievements Guide

In the videogame Brick vs. Paddle you can unlock a total of 23 achievements on Steam. In this guide we show you all the achievements and their conditions.

Below you will find all the Achievements, all collectibles and solutions related to the Achievements!

Trophies List Brick vs. Paddle

  • Baby Face
    Congratulations, you have defeated the first boss.

  • Squid Work
    Wow, look at you go, you have defeated the second boss.

  • Tree Squatter
    Hmm, there is some hope for the world, you have defeated the third boss.

  • Lob Star
    A little over halfway there, you have defeated the fourth boss.

  • Sea Horse
    Okay, okay, things are starting to look great, you have defeated the fifth boss.

  • Rock Worm
    Now you are just showing off, you have defeated the sixth boss.

  • Fishy Run
    …wait, what!? You actually defeated the last boss!? I am so sorry I ever doubted you! But there is still some more work to do.

  • Don’t Drop The Ball 10 Times In A Row
    Congratulations, I am sure you feel proud of yourself.

  • Don’t Drop The Ball 25 Times In A Row
    Uh-huh, uh-huh, not bad. Ever consider a career in basket ball?

  • Don’t Drop The Ball 50 Times In A Row
    Okay, impressive indeed. You must like that particular ball.

  • Don’t Drop The Ball 75 Times In A Row
    Huh. Not going to lie, fairly impressive. But it’s not really about numbers and who’s counting anyway?

  • Don’t Drop The Ball 100 Times In A Row
    Okay, I don’t think the developers can get this high of a number. Perhaps you should quit your day job to pursue a full time career in showing off.

  • Don’t Drop The Ball 200 Times In A Row
    Impossible! Are you using a Game Shark?! No cheating allowed! I would offer you a celebratory cake, but we all know that the said cake is a lie.

  • 5 Hit Combo
    Yea, you can do stuff.

  • 10 Hit Combo
    That will show them bricks.

  • 15 Hit Combo
    Just think, maybe in the next one hundred years you could save the planet.

  • 25 Hit Combo
    That would be pretty cool if this where a fighting game, but it’s not, and that is really impressive.

  • 50 Hit Combo
    Well done, Well done! We need more skill just like that! No pile of bricks is safe around you!

  • So It Begins…

  • …That’s [Not] All Folks

  • Who Made This Mess Of A Game?

  • Brick vs Paddle, For Dummies

  • Hats Off To You, You Are A Pro!

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