Bull Goat Armor

Bull Goat Armor in Elden Ring is one-of-a-kind, with a massive pair of horns jutting from the chest. It has four pieces of bad-ass armor.

It includes a helmet, chest armor, gauntlets, and greaves, just like any other armor set in Elden Ring. For players searching for armor with a high level of poise and physical defense, the Bull Goat armor set boasts the highest level of both of any armor set in the game. However, this comes at a high cost: it is also the game’s heaviest armor set. The design of the Bull Goat Helmet was inspired by an Ancient Greek Bearded Phrygian Helmet.

The Bull Goat armor is obtained through a series of steps, all of which must be completed. Furthermore, numerous tasks and landmarks must be completed before travelling through enemy-infested territories. For mission initiation, players must speak with various NPCs and join the Volcano Manor Covenant. This guide will explain how to travel to each location in this lengthy procedure, as well as the quickest methods.

Bull Goat Armor Set Stats

Damage Negation

Physical 45
VS Strike 33.6
VS Slash 40.2
VS Pierce 40.2
Magic 28.9
Fire 29.4
Light 31
Holy 27.9



Immunity 170
Robustness 197
Focus 110
Vitality 130
Poise 100

Where Can I Get the Bull Goat Armor Set?

Bull Goat Armor Search

Patches must first travel to Volcano Manor, and the player must begin his questline before attempting to obtain this set. To do so, the player must join the Volcano Manor Covenant and perform one Patches assassination assignment. Patches will request to defeat Great Horned Tragoth by letter during his questline. The player will acquire the armor immediately after slaying Tragoth. These guidelines, however, are easier said than done. The following is a detailed guide to accomplishing all of these tasks and getting the hefty Bull Goat Armor.

The road to Volcano Manor might be difficult, especially for rookie players. There are three potential routes to the Manor, and regardless of the route a player picks, each is trustworthy for reaching this location. Players can hike and travel up Mt. Gelmir, teleport to the Manor after finishing Rya’s questline, or use the Abductor Virgin to teleport to the Manor. Due to the absence of bosses encountered on the path to Volcano Manor, many players believe that the Abductor Virgin route is the easiest and most accessible method to get there. In this article, we’ll go over the quickest way to go to the Manor.

Getting to Volcano Manor

Elden Ring Rya

Players must interact with Rya, which will activate her short quest path. Rya can be found at Liurnia of the Lakes, north of the Laskyar Ruins, near the Birdseye Telescope by a statue inside a gazebo. When you speak with Rya, she’ll reveal that her necklace was taken from her and that she desperately wants it back. Choose to assist her in starting the quest. The NPC who stole her cherished possession may be found outside of Boilprawn Shack (northwest of Rya), crouched. Talk to the NPC, and he’ll offer to return the jewelry in exchange for 1000 Runes. Accept the compromise and return the jewellery to Rya.

After thanking the player for their assistance in apprehending the thief and restoring her jewelry, she will delve into her knowledge about Volcano Manor, informing the player that she works for Lady Tanith of the Manor. After finishing the dialogue, take the Grand Lift of Dectus to Altus Plateau. Rya may be found at the top of the elevator, and chatting to her causes her to extend her hand to the player, teleporting them to Lady Tanith’s Chambers in Volcano Manor.

Start your search for the Bull Goat Armor

When players get at Volcano Manor, they should speak with Tanith and afterwards Bernahl. Bernahl will deliver a letter requiring the player to defeat and kill Old Knight Istvan. In the Coastal Cave, right before the Demi-Human Chief boss, players can call Old Knight Istvan. Players can attack this NPC at the Divine Bridge in Stormhill. This NPC will drop 1828 Runes, the Rune Arc, the Furlcalling Finger Remedy, and the Scaled Armor Set.

Bull Goat Armor Volcano Manor

Return to Volcano Manor after successfully murdering Old Knight Istvan and get your goodies from Tanith. Speaking with the Volcano Manor NPCs will provide the player numerous objectives, as well as the perks of the prizes once fulfilled. Patches is the important NPC in obtaining the Bull Goat Armor Set. When the player speaks with Patches, he will give the player a note. On their map, the opponent Patches wants the player to kill will be labeled as a red target.

Destroying the Great Horned Tragoth

Elden Ring Ruin-Strewn Precipice Map

Climb up from the Ravine Veiled Village, past the Ruined Strewn Precipice, to the Precipice Overlook. Shortly after reaching the summit, players must face the Magma War Maker, a dragon boss. Rest in the New Site of Grace thereafter, where a red summoning marker will appear, allowing the player to summon the Great Horned Tragoth. He’ll drop the Bull Goat Armor, as well as 158 Runes, Furlcalling Finger Remedy, and Rune Arc, if defeated.

Elden Ring Great Horned Tragoth

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