Call of Duty: Black Ops 4: Blood of the Dead – How to build the zombie shield

This guide explains how to build the Zombie Shield on the Blood of the Dead Map. You need 3 parts to build the spectral shield. You must find and collect two, the third part will be dropped by the guard after being defeated.

Remember, you have to turn on the power first! The pieces have different spwn points.

Spectral Shield Zombies

Find spiritual essence

The essence looks like blue smoke and is emitted from a red electric box in prison.

  1. Location # 1: Outside the cafeteria, next to the stairs leading to the showers (Times Square). The Auger DMR wall purchase is right next to this box.
  2. Location # 2: Just outside the director’s office (Michigan Avenue).
  3. Location # 3: In the library next to the entrance.


The Warden’s Key

To get the Warden’s Key, you must defeat the Guardian. He does not appear until you turn on the power in the jail (second switch), or he comes for the first time between round 6-8.


The Shield

Spectral Shield Zombies BO4

Shield locality # 1: In the Citadel tunnel, behind one of the corrugated sheets (If you go down, these are the passages with sheets), as you go through the tunnels.

  1. Shield Sites # 2: At the exit of the Citadel Tunnel (below in the tunnel). If you leave the tunnel, look left to this possible spawn point.
  2. Shield locality # 3: Just outside the second counter room near the exit of the Citadel tunnel, leaning against a wall.


Workbench – build spectral shield

workbench bo4

Go to a workbench to build the spectral shield. Just walk to the workbench and build the spectral shoe, do not forget to take it on you when it’s made.

  1. Location # 1: At the docks, on the right after the stairs.
  2. Location # 2: On the third floor of the cell blocks, on the left side, as you walk towards the gondola.

craft spectral zombie shield

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  1. Labbe June 15, 2019 | Reply

    Now that you have collected the stone, make your way to Richtofen s Lab, where you will need to place the red stone on the map that is located on the left wall of the Lab.

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