In the game Carrion there are some achievements that you can unlock, in this gudie we want to explain where all containment unit locations are.

If you go in search of these collectibles, you will unlock several achievements:

  • Jared Stults
    Gain access to all 9 Containment Units

  • Jean-Michel Jar
    Gain access to 6 Containment Units

  • Jarring Experience
    Gain access to 3 Containment Units

  • One Monster, One Jar
    Gain access to 1 Containment Unit

An overview of all Xbox and PC successes can be found here.


All Containment Unit Locations

There are a total of 9 Carrion Containment Unit locations, all of them can be missed!


  • 01:48 How to find the stats room
  • 03:27 Frontier Containment Unit
    The containment unit is located at the entrance to the BSL-4 Research Ward. You need the xiphorrhea ability to break through the wooden barricades. Break the wooden block at the entrance near the fan and enter the room.
  • 04:53 How to find the Military Junkyard
  • 05:47 Military Junkyard Containment Unit
    This security unit is located in the border region. The containment unit is located at the entrance to the BSL-4 Research Ward. You need a “Xiphorrhea” ability to break through wooden barricades. Break through the wooden barricade near the fan and enter the room behind. In the room is the containment unit, with which the ability “Polycheiria” is unlocked.
  • 07:20 How to find the Uranium Mines
  • 08:17 Uranium Mines Containment Unit
    To find this collector’s item you need the skills “Xiphorrhea”, “Photokinesis” and “Hydrophilicity”. Use Xiphorrhea to break through the wooden barrier. Hydrophilia then swims into the room. Now look for a switch and press it. Now use “photokinesis” to avoid the lasers. If you have opened this container, you unlock the “Electrosis” ability.
  • 11:13 How to find the Botanic Gardens
  • 12:08 Botanic Gardens Containment Unit
    This security unit is located in the botanical garden area. This Security unit is above the first room to the left of the beehive accessible. To get to the door, you need the “Parasitism” skill. Use the ability to control the guard in this room and open the door. Now switch back and go to the security unit.
    Now they have to solve a puzzle. To solve the puzzle, you have to use the guard from the previous room to reach the switch in the left corner. If you succeed, you will get the ability “Pyrophilia”.
  • 15:46 How to find the Leviathan Reef Base
  • 16:38 Leviathan Reef Base Containment Unit
    This security unit is located in the Leviathan Reef Base. You need the “Hydrophilia”, “Harpagorrhea” and “Keratosis” skills. Access the reef base with the ability to be hydrophilic. Once you’ve done that, use the harpagorrhea ability on the tube that blocks the right tube. Now go through the pipe and end the water section with keratosis to avoid the explosives. This containment unit gives you the ability “Pyrophilia”
  • 19:45 How to find the Relith Science HQ
  • 20:28 Relith Science HQ Containment Unit
    The containment unit is located near the exit of Relith Science headquarters. You need the Harpagorrehea ability to get to this place. Removes the constipation and deposits the biomass outdoors. Then go to the containment unit. Now go through the door, which is located in the security unit and press the switch there. Lasers should now appear. Now use the invisibility ability to get through the lasers. There is another lever on the left. operate this too. The gate should now be open above the water. Now go back to the place where you deposited the biomass and bring it to the containment unit. Now just drop it in the water. Now go through the lasers again and pull the lever again. Thus the biomass can get through the pipe into the section below. Go down and collect the biomass so you can smash the wood into the DNA. You will now receive “Electrosis”
  • 23:01 How to find the Nuclear Power Plant
  • 23:38 Nuclear Power Plant Containment Unit
    This unit is located in the nuclear power plant. Access the water. Use the “keratosis” ability to go down the pipe and reach the security unit. Enter the door inside the device and press the switch to turn on the laser. Drop biomass and use invisibility to bypass the lasers. Use the Mind Control Ability to control the enemy there. Direct it to the explosive and let it explode. Then go left to inflate the space with the DNA in it. Go through the opening on the right to access the DNA electrosis.
  • 27:11 How to find the Armored Warfare Facility
  • 27:52 Armored Warfare Facility Containment Unit
    This security unit is located in the tank warfare facility, near the exit of the facility. Use keratosis to break through the stone that blocks the path. Go right to reach the unit; you will receive an electrosis here.
  • 29:04 How to find the Bunker
  • 29:21 Bunker Containment Unit
    The last security unit is on the bunker level. It is in the room with the first core. The Polycheiria ability will be unlocked.

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