Cities Skylines: Mass Transit – Trophy Guide & Roadmap

With the Mass Transit expansion for the Cities Skylines game, there are 13 new trophies on Playstation 4. They are all bronze trophies, no golden or silver trophies.

With this DLC, the total number of trophies increases to 69.



  • Blimp? Blimp.
    Have 3 blimp lines

  • Put Some Blimp in Your Blimp
    Have 10 blimp lines

  • Clark Cable
    Transport 5,000 passengers with cable cars

  • Cables Galore
    Transport 20,000 passengers with cable cars

  • Rejoice and Be Ferry
    Have 3 Ferry lines

  • Ferry Faerie
    Have 15 ferry lines

  • Triorail
    Have 3 Monorail lines

  • Not So Mono
    Have 10 Monorail lines

  • A Road Called Steve
    Name a road "Steve"

  • Centurion
    Name 100 Roads

  • Combo Breaker!
    Have one Ferry and Bus Exchange Stop, Metro-Monorail-Train Hub, Monorail-Bus Hub and Multiplatform Train Station

  • Reporting!
    Check a route of a citizen

  • Totally in Motion
    Win all 3 Mass Transit Scenarios

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