Clash Royale – Meta Balloon Lightning Cycle Deck

Balloon Lightning Deck-Clash Royale

Clash Royale – Meta Balloon Lightning Cycle Deck

In this Clash Royale Deck Guide we want to show you a new very strong Meta Deck. This will help you for sure to climb up your trophies but if you’re looking for other interessting Decks or News, check the Clash Royale overview page.

This is a new Meta Ballon Lightning Deck in Clash Royale. It is very strong as it has a Lightning spell to destroy every Mega Minion or Electro Wizard and has awesome defense. Even you face against a bait deck you have Fire spirits, Arrows, Valkyrie and Electro Wizard to answer on it. This Balloon cyle deck is one of the most fun decks to play in Clash Royale. The average Elixir costs are 3.8 that makes this Deck so much fun to play.

Here you can check the RoyaleAPI deck stats and copy the Deck straight on your Account.

Written by: Tom Binsack

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