COD WWII: The Frozen Dawn – Walkthrough

In this guide, we’ll explain all the steps to the new Zombie Map The Frozen Dawn, from the Shadow War DLC to Call of Duty WWII.

The expansion is chargeable or available through the Season Pass, but without the DLC Shadow War, you can not play the new zombie episode.


How to unlock the Pack-A-Punch | Supersprenger

First, you need access to the Thule area, to get there from the launch area, you have to stand on the round flagstone and kill some zombies.

Then a door opens, you enter the ice cave and below you can open the Thule archive. This will give you more opportunities to open.

In several rooms you can see big metal cylinders. These cylinders randomly open when you unlock rooms in Thule. The big cylinders (lift), when open, can be used to travel around the map quickly.

Inside, you’re being asked to spend shocks on fast travel. It costs 250, 750, etc.

You enter the Lost In Blood area – a room where four zombies spawn. After a moment, you will reappear somewhere in another chamber on the map.

To unlock Pack-A-Punch, you must enter the Lost In Blood area three times. The chambers can be found everywhere on the map. Check the following rooms to find them and check each one to see which ones are open.

  • Crash site(spawn room)
  • Ice Caves
  • passage
  • Overlook
  • Blood Altar

Unlocking the Pack-A-Punch machine unlocks the following trophy:

Superior Thulian Technology
In The Frozen Dawn, unlock the Ancient Ubersprengen



It will continue soon!

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