Crash Bandicoot 4: Flashback Tape Locations Guide

Crash 4 is live! Heading to the next gen Crash style, spin and jump your way through enemies and collect Wumpa fruits while manipulating gravity to slowing down time by the new given Quantum Mask. Explore the whole multiverse with all new integrated mechanics such as rope swinging, rail grinding and wall running.

This Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time- Flashback Tape Locations Guide will show you the locations of all Flashback Tapes in game. There are 21 Flashback Tapes and they can only be found within the main levels, not within the N. Verted or Timeline levels. The tricky part of it you may not die before touching them otherwise you won’t be able to collect the Flashback Tapes.

It will unlock the trophy or achievement A/V Club Founder when you collect at least one Flashback Tape.

  • A/V Club Founder
    Acquire a Flashback Tape

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Crash Bandicoot 4: Flashback Tape Locations Guide

As previously mentioned the tapes can only obtained in the main levels and not in the N. Verted or Timeline levels. Just for reminding, you must not die before collecting the Flashback Tapes but you can die after collecting and you still keep the collected tapes. When you reach the end of the level with one Flashback Tape you will unlock a Flashback Level!

Crash Compactor Flashback Tape Location
This is one of the quickest and easiest Flashback Tape in game to find because it will represented by the introduction camera itself right at the start.

Dino Dash Flashback Tape Location
This Tape is located right after the second rail grind section, not missable.

Out for Launch
This Tape hover over the ground in Dino Dash. It is located after the sixth Checkpoint when you pass the Aku Aku Crate and after sliding under the burning tree.

Hit the Road Flashback Tape Location
Hit the Road’s Flashback Tape location is after the section of the first fire box, you need to jump over some tires while avoiding the swinging obstacles. You will see the Flashback Tape just after this, it is before the next checkpoint.

Booty Calls Flashback Tape Location
Crash will get this Flashback Tape after Checkpoint 2 within the cave. Go inside further around the corner until you pass Sword Lizards and you should see the Tape on the left side (grind rail rope).

Jetboard Jetty Flashback Tape Location
This Flashback Tape is located at the end of the first Jetboard section. Watch out to the Jetboard docks, the Tape is on the right at the Pier.

Give It a Spin Flashback Tape Location
Quite early is the Flashback Tape location in Give It a Spin. When you pass Checkpoint 2, cross the long pool with a Dark Spin Double Jump, head to the right side and jump right to the platform. Meet quickly N. Brio and perform another Dark Spin Double Jump to the next platform where you will find the hidden Gem as well after smashing the crates. Head to the middle platform and move to the top of the waterfall and head down the path until you see the Flashback Tape.

Draggin’ On Flashback Tape Location
The Draggin’ On Flashback Tape is at the end of this level in front of the last golden bell.

Off-Balance Flashback Tape Location
It is shortly after the first Akano mask. Just fly across the platforms and be carefull and dodge the fire of the breathing dragon heads, the Tape is right after it.

Off Beat Flashback Tape Location
This Tape is right after you come across over the four Nitro boxes. The Flashback Tape is right there, you see on the right a trash can and a checkpoint.

Run It Bayou Flashback Tape Location
The Flashback Tape in Run It Bayou is a little bit tricky as you have to collect it while yor’re riding on top of the food boat. You will see it almost at the end of the boad tour, shortly after the six green crates. Be careful of the TNT crates while you collect the Tape.

Snow Way Out Flashback Tape Location
You will see the tape in Snow Way Out on a platform with additional boxes. The location is after the fourth Checkpoint across the first ice platform floating on the water.

Stay Frosty Flashback Tape Location
This tape is after the checkpoint where you get the Kupuna-Wa Mask. Just use the slow motion and jump across the river and you will see the Tape on the next platform.

Bears Repeating Flashback Tape Location
The Flashback Tape in Bears Repeating is within the section “Ride on Polar”. It is located on the right in the air after the checkpoint box where you have to perform a huge jump.

Blast to the Past Flashback Tape Location
The Flashback Tape in Blast to the Past is almost in the middle of this level while you enter the side scrolling section. It is right in your way, you won’t miss it.

Written by: Tom Binsack

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