Crash Bandicoot 4 Colored Gem Locations Guide

Heading to the next gen Crash style, spin and jump your way through enemies and collect Wumpa fruits while manipulating gravity to slowing down time give by the Quantum Mask. Try all new mechanics such as rope swinging, rail grinding and wall running while you explore the whole multiverse.

This Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time – Colored Gem Locations Guide will show you the location of each Gem and you can keep focused on saving the entire multiverse from a terrible fate! Finding each Gem will unlock the following trophies or achievements.

  • Sapphire-er Acquirer
    Find the hidden Blue Gem

  • Ruby Red
    Find the hidden Red Gem

  • Emerald Gemerald
    Find the hidden Green Gem

  • Topaz Pizazz
    Find the hidden Yellow Gem


This guide is under construction – it will continue soon!


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Crash Bandicoot 4: Colored Gem Locations Guide

You should prioritise the Colored Gems as they are important to unlock inaccessible paths in some levels. The colors of the Gems are Blue, Red, Green and Yellow and you have to complete for each Gem a different challenge in game. The Clear Gems can be obtained by destroying boxes in all levels, from Death Paths, and Colored Gem Paths as well.

Colored Gems
Those can be obtained by doing different challenges in game.

  • Blue Gem- Tranquility Falls – Draggin’ On
  • Red Gem – N.Sanity Island – N.Sanity Peak
  • Green Gem – The Hazardous Wastes – Hit The Road
  • Yellow Gem – Mosquito Marsh – Run It Bayou


How to Get The Blue Gem
The Blue Gem’s Challenge is completing the entire Level without destroying any crate. The Blue Gem will spawn at the end of the Level when your crate counter shows 0/139. 0 means 0, that means the Checkpoint crates must survive as well! You can check any time the your “crate counter” by pressing L2 (PS4) or LT (Xbox One). After collecting the Blue Gem make sure to leave the level in order to unlock the trophy Sapphire-er Acquirer.

  • Tip: Just die when you destroy a crate by a mistake, it will reset your crate counter. Make sure to walk inside the Bonus Path Platform as it will create a Checkpoint.


How to Get The Red Gem
Here you have to pass nine platforms to get the Red Gem. Once you have passed the path with disappearing platforms you will come to the next Checkpoint crate. On the right side you will see the instructions drawn at the wall, go into the next room and you will see nine disappearing platforms. Start and jump on the left platform and then move in counter clockwise order (starting Left, right, right up, up, left, left, down, right, up) and the Red Gem will appear when you reach the last Platform.


How to Get The Green Gem
In Hit The Road you are rolling in a steel ball and after this section you will see a Garbage can on the left side. Attack the Garbage can and it will appear a remote control and a toy car. You have to attack the remote control again to let the toy car driving into the Nitro crate. The crate will explode and the Green Gem will appear, also make sure to complete the level to earn the trophy Emerald Gemerald.


How to Get The Yellow Gem
You would jump into the little boat right at the beginning of the level Run It Bayou but instead you have to take the “path” on the right side with a slide jump and pass the floating crates, the moving platform until you reach the 4 crates. The Yellow Gem is right over the 4 crates out of the screen. Jump on top of the crates and do a higher Jump to collect the Yellow Gem. Complete this level as well to earn the trophy Topaz Pizazz.

Written by: Tom Binsack

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