Crash Bandicoot 4 Overview of Boxes and Crates Guide

Crash Bandicoot 4 is there! Not everyone played previeous versions of Crash 4. So it may be interessting for you to know how all boxes and crates work while you spin and jump your way through the game while collecting your Wumpa fruits.

This Crash Bandicoot 4: Overview of all Boxes and Crates will show you all kind of different Crates and Boxes in Crash 4. Those can be found in within the main levels, N. Verted and Timeline levels. In Crash 4 are a various kind of crates and boxes, some of the boxes are locked and some are pretty dangerous like the TNT Box and Nitro Box. Then we have the old common boxes like the Aku Aku Box and new integrated boxes called Inferno Box, Combo Box. Below you will find an overview and a explanation of each existing box in Crash Bandicoot 4.

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Crash Bandicoot 4: Overview of all Boxes and Crates

Aku Aku Box
This Box drops the Aku Aku mask which allows you to take a hit without getting damage. You can avoid two hits by collecting two of them which will change the mask into the Golden Aku Aku Mask. If you are lucky to get three of the Aku Aku Masks, you will get the benefit of invulnerability for 20 seconds.

Arrow Box
The Arrow Crate is very common in Crash Bandicoot. They Act like a trampolines in the game to reach higher places. The Arrow Crates usually containing one Wumpa Fruit when you jump on it, any method of attacking will destroy the box, except jumping.

This is the classic and a harmless Crate in the game, nothing else. The Crate contains a Wumpa Fruit once it is destroyed.

Bounce Box
The Bounce Crate can give you up to ten Wumpa Fruits if you bounce on it (award less within the racing) except when you destroy the Bounce Box by any attacks. The Bounce Box is important when you head for the three Wumpa Gems.

Combo Box
Crash Bandicoot 4 brings the new Combo Crate into the game. This Crate is exclusive made for the Crate Combo Mode. When you destroy a Combo Crate it will start a combo meter of five seconds and it will count twice value for other Combo Boxes within the level. This means destroying another Combo Box before the time ends will add the points and count twice again up to 32 points.

Checkpoint Box
This Crate is literally explained by the name itself. It allows you to respawn at the Checkpoint Crates position after dying and you get 10 Wumpa Fruits for destroying each Checkpoint Box.

Golden Wumpa / 1up Box
Golden Wumpa Crates are related to your playstyle, so the boxes are different between retro- and modern playstyle. You will get the Golden Wumpa Crates within the modern playstyle and those contains 25 Wumpa Fruits. The Crate what you will find while playing the Retro Style are the 1up Crates. They containing also 25 Wumpa Fruits BUT you will get also an extra live.

Green ! Box
The Green ! Crate variant is like a igniter to detonate all Nitro Crates and within the Bonus Round it is very important to destroy those crates to collect the Local Box Gem.

Inferno Box
The Inferno Crate is also a new box in Crash 4. Each side of the crate shoot fire from time to time, so you have to wait a bit before spin against them or you can jump on the crates as well.

Iron Box
This type of crate is indestructible, it doesn’t matter what kind of damage. However, it can be dangerous if bouncing on top of Iron Arrow boxes bcause Crash can be crushed if he is standing close to it.

Locked Box
The Locket Crate may you known from Crash Bandicoot 2 and it contains a Wumpa Fruit. They are indestructible to a various kind of damage, but you can open it through the Belly Flop move by pressing the slide button in air and land on top of it.

Nitro Box
The Nito Crate is another kind of dangerous box in Crash 4 as it explode right away when touched. With Crash 4 you can bounce on this box as well but you have to use the slowdown move of Kupuna Wa’s to get out of it safely.

The explosive Crate will start a timer of three seconds once you jump on top of it. Make sure to leave this box quickly to avoid the explosive damage.

Time Box
This kind of boxes are made for the Checkpoint Race and the Time Trial Mode in Bandicoot Battles. The Time Crates are important if you heading for the Gold or the Platinum Relics because any Time Box will will freeze the timer – You will see the seconds the Crate itself.

Outline Box
These kind of crates will only appear as semi-transparent (ghostly outlines) and the content of the Box is unknown until it has been acivated through a ! Box. The crates can interact with other crates and can be affected by crate physics even the boxes are still transparent.

! Box
! crate is like a switch or an activator for crates like the Outline Box or it will change something else in the level.

? Box
Another crate which usually contains a big amount of Wumpa Fruits or a 1-up or an Aku Aku mask and it can be destroyed by belly flopping, sliding through, spinning or jumping on them.

Written by: Tom Binsack

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