Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled CTR Challenges Letter Locations

In Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled, there are the so-called CTR challenges, in this guide we show you all the challenges of this kind, including the locations of the letters. Once you have completed all the CTR races you will receive the following trophy / reward reward:

Token Collector
Earn all CTR tokens in Adventure Mode.

CTR Challenges will not be active on the track until you win them and defeated the boss of the world. So win a track to unlock the CTR challenge.

The goal of these challenges is to collect the three letters C – T – R. When you have found all letters, you only have to win the race. Not all CTR races involve finding letters, in some CTR races you have to collect crystals. It does not matter if you have to collect crystals or letters, then you always get a token for this level.

This guide is part of our 100% Trophy Game Guide, which you can find here.


All CTR Challenges and Letter Locations


Crash Cove


Sewer Speedway


Roo’s Tubes


Mystery Caves


Skull Rock – Crystal Challenge

There are no letters to find in this level! You have to collect 20 crystals in a given time.


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