Darksiders 3 – All Human Locations – Humanitarian Trophy Guide

You want to complete Darksiders 3 with 100%? Then you have to unlock all trophies, achievements and collectibles!

In this guide, we explain the following achievement / trophy:

Save 20 Humans

This is just one of the many trophies offered at Darksiders 3, here is our complete trophy guide.

All 20 human locations in Darksiders 3

If you save all 20 people, you unlock the trophy or achievement. This guide shows you the location of all 20 unique human sites. Every 5 that you collect will increase the potency of the Rider’s Mercy Relic.

0:05 Maker’s Forge
0:58 Crossroads
1:36 Crossroads
1:56 Skyscraper
2:49 North End
3:25 North End/p>

3:44 Splintered Station
4:26 Cistern
4:46 Tangled Grotto
5:31 Tangled Grotto
6:54 Tangled Grotto/p>

8:00 Festering Pool
9:00 The Drowned District
10:13 Mangled Freeway
10:42 Cargo Hold/p>

12:08 Forgotten Lake
13:47 Sunken Tracks
14:28 Sewage Egress/p>

14:51 Drilling Annex
15:30 no close serpent hole

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