Darksiders 3 – All Invigoration Core Locations – Maximum Capacity

You want to complete Darksiders 3 with 100%? Then you have to unlock all trophies, achievements and collectibles!

In this guide, we explain the following achievement / trophy:

Maximum Capacity
Upgrade Nephilim’s Respite Capacity 4 Times

This is just one of the many trophies offered at Darksiders 3, here is our complete trophy guide.

Invigoration Core Locations

There are 4 Invigoration Cores hidden in Darksiders 3, you have to find all to unlock this achievement.

These items are scattered throughout the game world and can be found in many places. Like all other objects, they are orange shining balls that can be found on the floor. Below you will find a video with all four sites.

Written by: Carizma

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