Darksiders Genesis: All Trickster Door Locations – Gatekeeper Trophy Guide

In Darksiders Genesis there are the so-called trickster doors. These are secret doors that lead you to hidden areas, in these areas there is, among other things, special loot. If you have opened all doors, you will receive the following trophy:

  • Gatekeeper
    Unlock every Trickster Door.

You can find more tips and solutions in our trophy guide to the game.


All Trickster Door Locations

If you have found a trickster door, you must also have the required trickster keys to open it. Some doors have two or three locks, so you have to find all the keys to open all the doors.

The trickster keys are usually very well hidden, but at Vulgrim (after Chapter 1) you can gradually buy several trickster keys. A total of 12 trick doors are hidden in the world.

If you want to complete the game with 100% you have to open all trickster doors and loot, among other things you will also find some elementary expansions for Strife and War.

You will only find 11 trickster doors in the chapters of the story! The last trickster door is in the void, you need all skills, ALL trickster keys and a lot of skill to get to this door.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We couldn’t open the last Trickster Door in the void! 6 keys are required, although we have collected all 27 keys we could not enter. We may have opened a door twice!


#1 Trickster Door Chapter 1

To get to this trickster door, you must have completed Chapter 1 once. You also need two trickster keys for this door.

Play Chapter 1 until you come to the “Empty Source” area. There is a point where you have to shoot a crystal with the Vorpal blade on a round platform. This makes another platform accessible. DO NOT go over the new path here! Run south, jump right down. There are two crystals that you have to hit with the Vorpal blade. This opens the way to the first trick door.


#2 Trickster Door Chapter 2

The second trickster door cannot be missed. After speaking to Vulgrim you will automatically come to the entrance of the second trickster door. At this point you should already have a trickster key from Chapter 1, you can buy another key from Vulgrim (if you have finished Chapter 2 you can buy a key from Vulgrim again).


#3 Trickster Door Chapter 3

The third trickster door (Hell’s Forge) can be found in the area of the blast furnace, just before you have to press the two switches there is a hidden way up.

In this chapter there are two trickster keys to find, you only need one for the Door.


#4 Trickster Door Chapter 4

The fourth trickster door can be found in the area of the abyss. To get to the trickster door you need the ability void bomb for Strife. You get this ability later in this chapter, ignite the four bonfire and play up to the ancient bridge, then you get the void bomb. The door can be found in the far northwest of the abyss map.

There are two trickster keys in this chapter. You need three trick keys to open the trick door in this chapter


#5 Trickster Door Chapter 5

The fifth trick door can be found in the area of the pit, you need three trick keys to open it.

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