Darksiders Genesis: All Trickster Door Locations – Gatekeeper Trophy Guide


#6 Trickster Door Chapter 7

You will find this trickster door right at the beginning of chapter 7. You start in the swamp area, keep to the right, go down into the shallow water, climb the rock in the middle and you get to the trick door. This door needs 2 trick keys.

In Chapter 7 you can find two trick keys, but only after you have finished the chapter. You need the “Tremor Gauntlet” skill to find the trickster keys, which you will unlock later in Chapter 7.


#7 Trickster Door Chapter 8

After defeating the Boss Corruption Cannon go back, teleport over the bridge and go down to find this door.


#8 Trickster Door Chapter 11

At the end of the level you have to keep walking on the left, the trickster door is hidden behind the waterfall. There are invisible platforms behind this trick door. You have to activate a base plate, then the platforms will be active for a certain time. When you’ve reached all platforms, a chest with the Vortex ability for War awaits you.


#9 Trickster Door Chapter 12

You can find this trick door without any problems or obstacles. In the eastern part of the map you will come to the Á Vantage Point area, where you will find this door. You need a trick key to open the door. As a reward, you will receive a Rogue Health Stone Fragment . You can also complete the optional task lightning arrester, you only have to be hit by the lightning 25 times.

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