Darksiders Genesis: All Trickster Door Locations – Gatekeeper Trophy Guide


#10 Trickster Door Chapter 14

This trick door needs three keys. You can find them right at the beginning of Chapter 14, west of the barricade.


#11 Trickster Door Chapter 15

This trickster door needs two keys. The door is hidden in the “companionway” area. One of the trickiest puzzles awaits you behind the trickster door if you don’t know how it works!

To open the first door inside the trickster door, you have to build a path full of bombs, along the wall to the counter. If you then detonate the front bomb (Vorpal blade) there is a chain reaction and the switch opens the door!


#12 Trickster Door – Void

This last trickster door needs 6 keys, which means you have to find all the trickster keys and buy all the keys from Vulgrim. To get to the door you have to solve a series of puzzles, the most difficult part is the puzzles with the ether spark.

We were able to unlock the way to this door, but unfortunately we have a bug, although we all have keys, we seem to be missing a key.

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