Darksiders III: The Chosen Locations – Balance In All Things Trophy Guide

You want to complete Darksiders 3 with 100%? Then you have to unlock all trophies, achievements and collectibles!

In this guide, we explain the following achievement / trophy:

Balance in all things
Upgrade 5 Enhancements to Balanced

This is just one of the many trophies offered at Darksiders 3, here is our complete trophy guide.

Essence of a Chosen – All Locations

To Upgrade 5 Enhancements to Balanced, you need to find the Essence of a Chosen. An Essence of a Chosen which can be acquired by defeating a hidden Chosen enemies or from Vulgrim’s shop later in the game. In the Video below, you will see all Chosen Locations in the game world.

  1. Flame Warden – Location: The Hollows
  2. Corrupted Tomekeeper – Location: The Boneyard
  3. Templar of the Damned – Location: The Depths
  4. Agony – Location: Haven West End
  5. The Grock – Location: Scar

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