DARQ Walkthrough – All Puzzle Solutions and Achievements

DARQ tells the story of Lloyd, a boy who realizes that he is dreaming. To Lloyd’s misfortune, the dream quickly turns into a nightmare from which he can not awaken.

We want to help you a bit through the game, we’ll show you all the chapters of the game, including solutions to all the puzzles.

In addition to the path through the game, with all puzzle solutions, we also show you the 8 Achievements you can unlock and all Dream Journal Page locations.


All DARQ Achievements

Overall, you can unlock 8 Steam Achievements. You can only unlock 6 of these Achievements by finding the 6 Journal Pages collectibles. In the video below you can see all 6 Journal Page locations.

  • Master of Gears
    Find Dream Journal Page while trying to solve the gear puzzle

  • Subway Explorer
    Find Dream Journal Page in the subway station

  • City Dreamer
    Find Dream Journal Page in the city

  • Masked Genius
    Find Dream Journal Page in the theater

  • Train Rider
    Find Dream Journal Page while on the train

  • Patient
    Find Dream Journal Page in the hospital

  • Awaken
    Finish the game

  • Enlightened
    Finish the game and unlock all other achievements


DARQ Video Walkthrough – All Puzzles Solved

DARQ Chapter 1 & 2


DARQ Chapter 3 – All Servered Hands Puzzles Solved


DARQ Chapter 4 – Electricity Power Puzzles Solved


DARQ Chapter 5 – Dynamite & Corkscrew Puzzle Solved


DARQ Chapter 6 – All Puzzle & Ending


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