Dead Cells: Gardener’s Key Locations – Unlock Explosive Crossbow

Dead Cells has some secrets to discover. In the Promenade of the Condemned area there are locked doors leading you to the Explosive Crossbow Blueprint.

In this guide we show you how to find all the keys to the doors, there are 3 Gardener’s keys in total. Firstly, we explain to you in text form which key where to find, furthermore you will find below a video guide.

  • The Tower Key
  • The Underground Key
  • The Background Key

Gardener’s Key Locations – How to Unlock Explosive Crossbow

The Tower Key: Look for a high tower on the Promenade of the Condemned, you must find this tower and get to the top. To get to this tower you need the Spider Rune, which can be gained by defeating the Caster in a random room in the Slumbering Sanctuary Area. This allows you to climb walls and wall-jump your way to the top.

The Underground Key: If you are on the ground floor of the promenade you will discover crumbling, weak floors. If you use the Ram Rune you can make a ground pound to break the weak ground where there is an orange symbol.

The Background Key: Try to eliminate as many enemies as possible and then examining the background art along the ground. In the midst of bushes and flowers you can discover a darkened rose flower. It can easily be overlooked! Keep pounding three times to dislodge the final Gardeners Key.

Written by: Carizma

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