Destiny 2 – All 9 Penguin Toy Locations Guide

Want to find all the penguins in Destiny 2 Beyond Light? No problem, we’ll show you all the penguin locations!

In the last few weeks you could only find one penguin a week, now the 9th penguin is unlocked. We’ll show you all 9 locations at once, if you don’t already have them all!

You need all the penguins to complete the “Reuniting the Eventide Rookery” triumph. When you have picked up a penguin, you have to bring it to the area “Charon’s crossing”. Look there to the right of Varik’s entrance, you will see a green door with the number “7”. Get into the room and you can place your penguins.


Penguin Locations 9/9

00:00 – Cadmus Ridge (1/9)
00:36 – Braytech Exoscience (2/9)
02:38 – Eternity (3/9)
05:29 – Asterion Abyss (4/9)
06:22 – Nexus (5/9)
08:12 – Well of Infinitude (6/9)
09:45 – Eventide Ruins (7/9)
10:50 – Riis-Reborn Approach (8/9)
12:48 – Kell’s Rising (9/9)
14:57 – Final Triumph & Pinguin-Figur Belohnung

Written by: Carizma

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