Destiny 2: Bergusia Forge – Niobe Lab and the Riddle

With today’s Weekly Reset in Destiny 2, the Niobe lab of the “Black Armory” DLC has also been unlocked. We’ll show you where to find Nio Labs, how to solve the puzzle, and how to get to Bergusia Forge.


Unlock Bergusia Schmiede – That’s how it works

First you have to go to the Niobe lab, which is located on the outskirts of the European Death Zone (EDZ). There you have to go between the mountains in a cave, there you will find the Niobe laboratory. In the following video you can see the way there in detail.

In the lab you have to solve a riddle, there are rumors that riddles can only be solved in one group. However, you can see the first video making it solo.

Niobe Lab – Step 1 to Step 3 – Niobes Torment

The Niobe lab hides symbols that you can use to target the weapons, then shoot them down in quick succession. You will need to use certain weapons for certain symbols to unlock the mission “Niobes Torment“.

  • Ding 1: Shoot Stone, Wind and Fire very quickly.
  • Ding 2: In any order:
    Machine Gun: Shoot storm, stand moon shoot T+HREBFLU+
    Sniper: Stand on Tiger, shoot: Fish, Lotus, Temple.
    Stand on Dragon, shoot: Archway, Rabbit, Bamboo, Temple.
    Stand on fish, shoot Lotus.
    Bow: Stand on Morning, shoot: Missive, Trees, Water, Rose.
    Stand on Wind, Shoot Missive, Missive
  • Ding 3: Stand on Morning, shoot: Missive, Rose, Water


Niobes Torment – Bypass Level 1 & 2 Codes

  • Level 1 puzzle: Stand on Hand and type “BUTTERFLY” with Hammerhead.
  • Level 2 puzzle: Stand on Hand, shoot Fire, Storm with Hammerhead. Then stand on Fish, shoot Rabbit, Lotus with Tatara Gaze.


This guide will be extended soon!

Written by: Carizma

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