Destiny 2: Cayde’s Cache Locations – Cayde’s Will Quest

In this guide we show you all Cayde’s personal caches locations.

Among other things, if you want to receive the Ace of Spades Han Cannon, you must collect all Cayde’s personal caches. So it’s part of the Ace of Spades exotic quest and Cayde’s Will.

Here we show you all 4 Cayde’s Cache locations for the Cayde’s Will Quest in Destiny 2. The caches are not marked on the map, but if you are near a cache, the game “Cayde Stash Nearby” tells you. The parts are hidden on different planets, here all places:

Cayde’s Cache Locations – Forsaken Quest

00:08 – IO cache / stash
01:03 – Nessus cache / stash
02:02 – Tangled Shore cache / stash
03:08 – EDZ cache / stash

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  1. sauve677 September 17, 2018 | Reply

    Would be great if you had a description not in video. But thanks

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