Destiny 2 – Entropic Shard Locations Guide in Beyond Light

With the Beyond Light DLC for Destiny 2, new content has been added. In this guide we want to help you to complete the Aspect of Control quest

You will receive this quest when the Main Camping and Born in Darkness Part 1 is completed. You must have completed the Exotic “Salvation’s Grip” quest from The Drifter.

When you have found the 5 Entropic Shards you will also unlock a perk to enhance your Stasis subclass.


Destiny 2 – ntropic Shard Locations

00:00 – Entropic Shard #1 – Asterion Abyss
01:03 – Entropic Shard #2 – Concealed Void Lost Sector
02:01 – Entropic Shard #3 – Cadmus Ridge
02:56 – Entropic Shard #4 – Riis-Reborn Approach
05:20 – Entropic Shard #5 – Technocrat’s Iron
07:53 – Aspect of Control / Stasis Subclass Perk Unlock

Written by: Carizma

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