Destiny 2 Forsaken: All Dreaming City Region Chests Locations

As you already know in Destiny 2 Extensions, there are also new Region Chests with Forsaken. In this guide we will show you all the golden chests, all locations, in Dreaming City.

To collect these golden chests in Forsaken, you must first have access to Dreaming City.

On your map you can spot a small symbol which shows where a Region Chest is located, after you collect a Region Chest the symbol disappears.

All Region Chests in Forsaken

  • Tangled Shore: This area has a total of 18 chests. Here you will find all locations.
  • Dreaming City: There a total of 12 chests. Below you will find the 12 golden chests.

Dreaming City – All Chests

In this region you can collect a total of 12 region chests.

00:06 – Region Chest #01 (Divalian Mists)
00:40 – Region Chest #02 (Divalian Mists)
01:11 – Region Chest #03 (Divalian Mists)
02:05 – Region Chest #04 (Divalian Mists)
02:47 – Region Chest #05 (Rheasilvia)
03:44 – Region Chest #06 (Rheasilvia)
04:10 – Region Chest #07 (Rheasilvia)
05:00 – Region Chest #08 (Rheasilvia)
06:01 – Region Chest #09 (The Strand)
06:42 – Region Chest #10 (The Strand)
07:12 – Region Chest #11 (The Strand)
07:52 – Region Chest #12 (The Strand)


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  1. Napoleon Fremont September 14, 2018 | Reply

    Any ideas for the hunter on chest #5 (Rheasilvia, cliffside). Mobility is set to 10 wearing the new red phantom gear using triple jump. Can’t get there to save my life going the route you’ve shown. That last jump that goes up and over to the right (before you skate to the left) is the one tripping me up. Trying going straight up under the chest via the tree but can’t on to the tree like other people seem to.

    • Reggie November 21, 2018 | Reply

      Use stompees. Helps a lot with jump puzzles

    • Lexitorius December 28, 2018 | Reply

      I used blade barrage to launch myself forward into that notch, if you don’t have st0mp-eez

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