Destiny 2 Forsaken: Chaperone – So you get the shotgun Quest

The Chaperon is an exotic shotgun, which should have been remembered especially by players of Destiny 1 due to its enormous penetration. In Destiny 2 – Forsaken you can get The Chaperon by completing the quest Holliday Family History. We’ll explain how you get the quest and how to complete it.

Get the Quest Quest “Holliday Family History”

If Crucible matches end, there is the possibility to get the Exotic Quest Holliday Family History. This is the task to get the Chaperone Exotic shotgun.

According to our information, there are other ways to get to this quest, some players do crazy stuff! There are also reports that someone has received this quest after disassembling legendary equipment.

Get the chaperone and do the quest

If you were lucky enough to get the quest “Holliday Family History“, you have to go to Amanda Holliday in the first step – the pretty lady is waiting for you in the hangar. If you talk to Amanda, the next step for The Chaperon will be unlocked. Than follow these Steps:

  • Perform 20 Final Blows With Shotguns in the Crucible
    Defeat 20 enemies with a shotgun in any Crucible mode. This step is self-explanatory and should be made without much effort.
  • Kill Enemies with Arc, Void, and Solar Damage
    Defeat your opponents in the Crucible with Arc, Solar, and Void damage in the Crucible. Per Kill the respective advertisement fills by 5%. If you die, 1% will be deducted. If you reach the 100%, you can not lose any more progress.
  • Kill 15 Guardians in Gambit
    The third step for The Chaperon is to kill 15 enemy Guardians in Gambit mode. It does not matter if you sneak yourself into the enemy’s territory and kill guardians

Having done these three steps for “Holliday Family History” you return to Amanda in the Tower. She will now give you the exotic shotgun called The Chaperon. The quest is solved.

How To Get Chaperone Exotic Quest – Full Video Guide

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