Destiny 2 – How the Empyrean Foundation Donations Work

Destiny 2 Season of Dawn – How the Empyrean Foundation Donations Actually Work / Empyrean Foundation Donation.

First, to be able to make Empyrean Donations, simply complete the quest from Saint-14. All it involves is defeating the Inotam Boss in Sundial, then pick up 30 orbs.

After that you will unlock the weekly Polarized Fractaline rewards. Each week you will recieve Polarized Fractaline based on your overall Resonance Power.

Gather the Polarized Fractaline generated by the Tower Obelisk from the prior week.
Generate greater quantities by repairing components of this obelisk and increasing the Resonance Ranks of the other obelisks.

Example: If u have 4600 Resonance Power, you will get 4600 Polarized Fractaline. You upgrade Resonance Power from upgrading the Obelisks on each planet.

From there you can enjoy the vers slow progress bar of donating of materials! It does make more sense to upgrade the Obelisks first, so you will get more Polarized Fractaline each reset. And then donating towards the end.

It’s also worth noting that donations also progress the Timelost Weapon Bounties. It takes a donation of 400 to complete the bounties, making for some easy XP.


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