Destiny 2: Max-Level-Guide – Reach Power-Level 600 quickly

The Forsaken expansion has raised your character’s max level in Destiny 2. Also on the way to the maximum power level, a lot has changed. We’ll show you how to quickly and efficiently reach the maximum level of 600.

With the release of the Forsaken expansion, there are new level caps. So the maximum character level has been increased from 30 to 50. The new power-level cap is now 600.

Also on the way to the maximum level a lot has happened. The new soft cap is now at power level 500. This is a kind of limit. Up to this limit, the players level comparatively quickly. Loot up to power level 500 is pretty much on every corner.

This is how your character level reaches 50

The path to the new maximum level is divided into two parts:

  • First, bring your character at level 50 and increase your power level to 500.
  • Once you have reached the soft cap, the way up is clear. Then you can go to the 600.


To increase character level: Your level will rise anyway. You have to collect experience points from all possible sources, defeat enemies, kill activities, quests and much more. While you are following the steps below to achieve Power Level 500, you are simultaneously approaching Character Level 50.

Character Boost for New Players: If you’re completely new to Forsaken, you can use the character boost. This will allow you to raise a new character to a power level of 320. So you can start immediately with Forsaken.

The option can be found in the character selection menu to the right of the respective character slots.

This is how you get power level 500 in Destiny 2

  • Start with the Forsaken story. The missions will provide you with plenty of loot on your first steps and at the same time ensure a constant level rise. And delay is not worth it. From the story you will not get any items above power level 500.
  • If you play in a group, use combat troop medallions
  • If you play a story mission that you are too weak for, let the mission lie, play another activity until you are strong enough.


Play Public events: Public events are one of the best ways to get Loot and XP. Keep in mind, however, that the experience point gain on public events has been reduced and increased in strikes and in nighfall.

Tokens: Do not use your vanguard and crucible tokens and weapon parts too early. Wait, if possible, until you reach level 50. But do not wait too long, because bonuses will not exceed the power level of 500.


Guide in progress, more coming soon!

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Written by: Carizma

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