Destiny 2 Season 6

Destiny 2 Week 6 of Season of Plunder delivers new seasonal challenges. Week 6 has only seven challenges, and most are time consuming.

Guardians may swiftly level up their season pass and earn rewards like Repute and Bright Dust by completing these challenges. Explore the Season of Plunder with these challenges with this guide.

Destiny 2: Antiquarian VI

Bring the sixth relic back to the H.E.L.M.

Defeat the mighty Cabal throughout the system as well. Defeating more powerful opponents will grant you bonus progress.

Relic Placed
Powerful Cabal 0%
Rewards: Repute, Challenger XP+

To obtain this week’s relic, you’ll need to progress through the new Sails of the Shipstealer quest steps, like you did with prior Antiquarian weekly seasonal challenges. Once obtained, simply return to the H.E.L.M. and place it on the table across from the seasonal Star Chart with the other relics.

Destiny 2: Ketchcrasher II

Destroy shield generators in the Maintenance Bay, hack terminals in the Treasure Hoard, and destroy Ether Storage storage tanks in Ketchcrash.

In Master Ketchcrash, doing so will result in additional progress.

Shield generators destroyed 0%
Terminals hacked 0%
Ether tanks destroyed 0%
Rewards: Challenger XP+

This mission appears to be a repetition of Ketchcrasher I, which required you to do the identical duties. Ketchcrasher I just required you to destroy 5 shield generators, hack 5 terminals, and destroy 10 ether tanks, however Ketchcrasher II divides these duties into percentages. If you run Master Ketchcrash with a group, this activity will be completed considerably faster; otherwise, you can play the activity as normal to finally receive your XP+ reward.

Apex Armor

Masterwork a piece of armor.

Armor upgraded
Rewards: Challenger XP+, Bright Dust

Every season brings with it a new challenge. Simply level up a piece of armor (ideally a quality one) until it reaches masterwork level.

Destiny 2: Intended Authority

Acquire the Crucible ornament for Cry Mutiny.

Weapon Ornament
Rewards: Challenger XP+++, Bright Dust

As with past seasons, you’ll have a seasonal task to complete in order to obtain the new seasonal weapon (similar to week 5’s Resist And Revolt challenge). Following that, you’ll be given a task to obtain the weapon’s ornament for Crucible, Gambit, and Vanguard. Simply raise your Crucible rating to 16 to obtain the seasonal weapon’s decoration.

Destiny 2: Raise A Glass

Emotes can be performed at the end of Ketchcrash or Expedition to earn additional rewards.

When done on Master difficulty, you will receive additional progress.

This encounter necessitates the acquisition of the first Swashbuckler upgrade.

Emotes performed 0%
Rewards: Repute, Challenger XP+

A simple task to perform. After obtaining the first Swashbuckler upgrade through Repute, simply emote at the end of Ketchcrash or Expedition seasonal adventures. If you have a crew to run these on Master difficulty, you’ll finish the task considerably faster, although the standard modes will suffice.

Destiny 2: Hailstorm

Targets with Arc or Stasis abilities must be defeated.

Defeating adversaries in Expedition and Guardians will grant you additional advancement.

Ability 0%
Rewards: Challenger XP++

Switch to your Arc or Stasis subclass and rack up kills while doing system duties. Whether you’re fighting enemy NPCs or your fellow Guardians in Crucible, you’ll breeze through this challenge to gain XP++

Absolutely Stunning

Stun Champions 0/50
Rewards: Challenger XP+++, Bright Dust

Search for Champions with eye-catching mods. Champions can be spotted across the system participating in Heroic (or higher) activities.

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